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Hospitality management’s purpose has to do with accommodating and treating people in a way that is the most appropriate to the situation. It is one of the most growing industries and provides the employment of many. It now has attained a much higher status in society and demands high standards of work from its employees. I believe people in hospitality require: an enthusiastic attitude, friendly disposition, neat appearance, a willingness to work, confidence, cleanliness, personal hygiene, adaptability , must be efficient be multi skilled and possess honesty, among there traits.

I decided to enroll in PUP with the program of Hospitality Management. It was a long process I filled out my application, took the upset examination, interviewed with the admissions department, and crossed my fingers. My patience had been tested. I decided Hospitality Management course was a step I have to take to reach my long- term goals. When June came, I’m thinking about suiting up in my new chefs uniform, cooking delicious and sumptuous food,discovering wide variety of hotels and many more.

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Hospitality Management program took some serious adjustment. I traded skinny Jeans and leggings for Corporate Attires. My hair got tied and tucked up into a supremely unflattering Frequencies. My nail polish gathered dust at home-??not part of the Hospitality Management uniform. Combine all this with a Hectic Weekly and the usual challenges of a new experience, I was ready to be confined in the hospital after my first two months, it was tiring, but fun. Since giving up was not an option, I dug in and braced myself for a fight.

Slowly and steadily, I fell in love with everything about Hospitality Management program and the challenges gradually dissipated. The friends I made helped the transition tremendously. Hospitality Management puts friendships on the fast track. You will always need people to lean on. Hospitality Management program taught me about the service sector that provides various hospitality facilities including accommodation, like different hotels,motels,suites,and other lodging facilities. Food and beverage or culinary arts, , leisure amenities, entertainment and recreation like casinos,spangle clubs,. Ears and many more. Being one of the dominating sectors in the service industry, hotel and hospitality services lays a big role in contributing to the economy of our country We have three major courses in our program,the first one is INTRO where in we study the different lodging and accommodation facilities, the organizational chart of a small medium and large hotel, the different divisions of a hotel, the Jobs of the staffs in a hotel including the housekeeping personnel , concierge, front office clerks,security dept, and food and beverage staffs.

Our second course is SANS, we studied about the different food bacterial and viruses that are usually the cause of food borne illness, its growth, importance of time and temperature in food storage and preparation,and the different thermometers used in cooking. The last course is culinary arts. Out Of all our courses, what I like the most is culinary arts, I like it because I can showcase my skills and abilities in terms of cooking.

I also like it because I have learned so many meat,fish,poultry,vegetables and fruits,how to make soups,stocks,and sauces. Even the basic things were also taught to us, the steps in washing the dishes, kitchen knife skills,basics cuts of fruits and vegetables,defining of fish and chicken. I also covered different recipes that I can try at home. This course also provided basic knowledge of food production and an application of the best practices in food management systems, menu creation and purchasing. Also learned different terminologies in cooking like a whole lot more, the use of cooking tools and equipments, recipe and measurement analysis,substitution of ingredients and safe food handling like what our professor in principles of safety, hygiene and sanitation taught us. Those learning are big contributions in my studies and daily life as well that I know I can use in my future career. The kitchen in Hospitality Management program is the most disciplined-ћ and strict environment Eve ever been in. ,plain white theists apron, hairnet and clog shoes are the stars inside the kitchen.

I also learned to bite my tongue and to not talk back to our professor. ; The discipline and traditions were intense in the kitchen. It’s Just that Our professor wanted us to succeed, but she will not going to let us through without a fight, and certainly not without following the rules. I quickly learned to follow and hold it together. Tears do not belong in the kitchen I became tougher, with a thicker skin and he ability to take criticisms of our professor Like what I have expected, the food in our kitchen was outrageous.

A lot of delicious and rich food was overwhelming. Soups, pasta,countless meat dishes, desserts and many more.. When I am standing in the kitchen, chopping and simmering, I usually find myself smiling, while others think of it as an obligation or chore it is a pleasure to me When I bring dishes onto the table, the proudest thing is to watch my professor mouth water . Despite countless hours of cooking, I still went home wanting to cook more. Knowing that joking was not something I could be easily tired of, instead, it’s a passion that I do over and over again.

For me, there’s no better place than the kitchen and nothing more enjoyable than gathering everyone at the table to try something delicious. That’s why I started cooking, and why Eve chosen to build my life around it. By cooking I attempt to get a feeling of what it is like to work in the hospitality field. Hospitality Management program taught me about myself above all else. It taught me my own strength and fortitude; my ability to tough it out and overcome seemingly impossible halogens.

It confirmed for me that cooking is my passion, and that I’d be a fool not to pursue it as my career in some capacity. The chance to love what I do every day and make a living out of it is my biggest dream, to turn my passion into profits and build my own happy life. Besides of our major courses, I would say we still need to be good in every single subject we study in school especially Math and English. Cooking and operating food establishments require a lot of mathematics, from reading basic measurements to conversions, , recipe costing and inventory management, and a whole lot more.

English also is very important because mostly, we are interpreting a lot of ingredients skills would be very beneficial in operating a food establishment, so we are trained for that in school to make us ready for the outside world. Hospitality management may be a career path for me to consider. Getting a college degree in hospitality management can give me the skills needed to prepare for the wide open field of hospitality industry. Once I have graduated, I can take several paths to apply on my degree. I believe this program can bring me satisfaction and really make me work hard in the most enjoyable sense.

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