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Shakespeare is illiterate and the reason being is he spelled his name fervently each time. Lastly, his death will does not mention any drafts of sonnets or plays written by him, even though in the Elizabethan time having a hard copy or draft of a play meant being rich. It is evident that William Shakespeare was a fraud and did not compose any of the plays and sonnets known to be his, instead he stole one’s fame and money. Shakespeare is illiterate because he is never exposed to education in his life.

Another proof Shakespeare did not write his plays is he spelled his name differently each time. Shakespeare stole someone’s plays, he did not own them cause there is no mention of it in his death will. It is clear that an illiterate person cannot write such great plays. Shakespeare did not get education, although his plays “contain one of the biggest vocabulary of any English Writer, he used 29,066 different words” (Keri 17). This is the largest vocabulary used by any English writer. An illiterate man could not have this large of a vocabulary thus he stole one’s work.

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He is known to be illiterate because “both his parent’s John and Mary were illiterate. His wife Anne Hathaway was illiterate. His children were illiterate” (Keri 1). His parent’s and his wife and his children are illiterate, then the question arises how could he have been a great writer? If he was literate he for sure would have thought to teach his children but his children are illiterate. Shakespeare having such a big vocabulary and being illiterate only points to the evidence that Shakespeare did not wire his plays but stole someone else’s.

Another reason Shakespeare did not write his plays is he did not even know how to spell his name correctly. He spelled his name differently each time he was asked to on legal documents. These are some examples of his name on legal documents: baptism- Shakespeare, brothel Shaper, marriage bond- Shakespeare, baptism of daughter- Shakespeare, baptism of twins- Shakespeare, [and in] body of will- Shakespeare” (Dick 48). Shakespeare did not even spell his name accurately each time, thus Shakespeare is not the owner of his plays.

It does not seem right that a great writer like Shakespeare cannot spell his name correctly. Lastly, it can be proved that Shakespeare is not the owner of his plays because there is “not a single mention of anything he wrote or book he owned, [especially when] kooks [were] valuable commodities in seventeen century England” (Posses 1). It is clear that Shakespeare did not include his plays in his death will because he is not the owner of his plays. If Shakespeare is the owner of his plays he should have left Nils plays or sonnets Day ml Tort Nils Tamely as a glut.

In ten seventeen century leaving books in your will meant leaving money for your family. He could not have possibly put the plays in this death will because he was a thief and those were plays were not his ownership. Shakespeare is not writer as known in fact he is a fraud who stole one’s plays. In conclusion, it is evident that Shakespeare did not write his plays, instead he stole one’s fame and money. It is impossible for an illiterate man to write great plays with a very high vocabulary.

Shakespeare could not even spell his name correctly when asked to do on legal documents. It is proved that he stole one’s work because there was not mention of his plays in his death will. If one’s desire is too hard to reach, it turns into greed. Works Cited: Bethink, Brian. “What’s behind the Shakespeare wars: an eye-opening new history explains why the authorship dispute has lasted for 150 years. Manacle’s 12 Par. 2010: 60. Gale Canada In Context. Web. 16 DCE. 2012 This article talks about how Shakespeare is an educated writer, and he wrote all his plays.

This article supports the reasons why Shakespeare is not a fraud, although this article states that Shakespeare got help from other writers. This article showed possibility of Shakespearean authority on his plays. This was not much helpful resource for my essay, but it gave me background information and possibilities of writing that Shakespeare did compose all his plays. Dick, Riley. “Was Shakespeare Really Shakespeare? The Authorship Question. “Web. Obscenest. Com. Continuum International Publishing Group Ltd, 16 Feb.. 2007. Web. 6 DCE. 2012.

The main idea of this article is to describe who the real Shakespeare is. In this article they have given a few people that they doubt wrote the actual Shakespeare including Edward De Ever. This is also a biased text and only explains that Shakespeare did not compose any of his plays. This text has information about his education and how differently he spelled his name. This information was really helpful for better understanding of Shakespearean history and made a good argument point for my essay. Keri, Cutler. “The Top Ten Reasons Shakespeare: Did Not Write Shakespeare. Web. Obscenest. Com. Snappers extort society, May 2 U 1 Nils article explains ten reasons why Shakespeare did not write his own plays. This article talks about Shakespearean death. This article explains that the Shakespeare we know used to be an actor in Stratford. This was a useful resource because it gave me enough information to write ten arguments. The ten ideas that explain that Shakespeare did not write his plays helped me come up with strong arguments. Posses, Michael. “Rethinking Shakespeare. ” Queen’s Quarterly 1 15. 2 (2008): 246+.

Gale Canada In Context. Web. 20 DCE. 2012. The main idea of this source is to prove that Shakespeare did not write his own plays. This article covers information about William Shakespearean death will. This particular information is really helpful as an argument for my essay. This article shows the conversations the debaters had and what they said about Shakespearean authorship. This article is biased, it only describes the fact that Shakespeare did not write his plays. “If Shakespeare Didn’t Write the Plays, Who Did? ” Web. Obscenest. Com.

Weekly Reader Corporation, 22 Feb.. 2006. Web. 8 DCE. 2012. This article explains that Shakespeare did not compose all his plays. This article particularly points to three people??Christopher Marlowe, Edward De Ever and Sir Francis Bacon??who could have written Shakespeare. This article also gives significance as to why these three people would have written Shakespeare with examples. This article helped me understand why these people should be doubted to have written Shakespeare, although this article was not as useful as the other ones.

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