In Shakespeare S Julius Caesar Assignment

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However, being conscious of heir own nature all the time also makes them doubt of their own goodness, because they are not able to see themselves in perspective. So in Julius Caesar, characters awareness and self-consistency makes them end condemn ing themselves. Brutus self-awareness is one of the most Obvious in the play, because we can see how he develops since the beginning of it; however, his self-awareness also makes him end committing hamartia. Brutus is a character that acts according to his ideals of what is better for Rome, and therefore he acts ccording to his true nature.

He murders Caesar according to these ideals; because at this point he believes that he is a better option than the actual one. Nevertheless, as Harold Blooms mentions, he later reconceives himself by overhearing his own talking and keeps haunted about his acts and words, because he can never disconnect himself from his own person. Later on, Brutus doubts about the murder of Caesar and these doubts turn him into a weaker character that is not so sure about his own actions.

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This insecurity hat he starts to live almost at the end of the play, makes him unable to think clearer and end in the act of suicide. Overall, Brutus self-awareness makes him responsible of every act that he committed, he develops from his words and actions, and therefore he must act in correspondence, he cannot elude his own conscience and that is also his condemn. Julius Caesars characters do not develop according to an exterior force but according to their own nature; nevertheless, this condition is also ineludible and it determines their own future.

Characters in the play develop from the beginning to the end in accordance to their ideas, personality, motives and beliefs and these are present in theirs words and actions. They are conscious of these, because they can sometimes overhear themselves talking or because someone can mention or remem ber someone’s words or actions. They reconceive themselves from their owns words and actions because they are made aware of them and so they keep track of every past action.

However, characters can never escape from this, because it is something that eeps constant, so in order to face their own past, that is also their own nature, they should act in correspondence to it. In the case Of Brutus, for example, we can see that the murder of Caesar is an action that haunts him until the very end of the play, and therefore it also determines him and transforms him. He must suffer everything that he did, say or believed, because this also forms part of himself. Self-awareness also means condemnation because characters cannot avoid words and actions that also form part of their nature.

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