How does Shakespeare present Iago’s views of life Assignment

How does Shakespeare present Iago’s views of life Assignment Words: 1047

We are aware of this hero being so unique as he is the title of the book, to use such n insipid villain this would create a great imbalanced, Shakespeare shows Ago to be a great absolutist in his moral thinking, he’ll have one idea, one moral in elite and stick by it no one can change his view. Shakespeare shows Sago’s philosophies in life to be; if we wish to be successful in life only within ourselves can we do so. There is this idea that men that do not love themselves love women too much and it is women that have corrupted their original way of thinking.

Shakespeare shows this in the language he uses for Ago, the various derogatory metaphors for women “Ere I would change myself or the love of a Guiana-hen would change my humanity with a baboon. ” The word Guiana-hen used is derogatory as it is another word for a prostitute. Ago uses more comparisons which adds to his powers of persuasion when you are planting a herb or a lettuce and you want it to grow stinging nettles always get in the way distract you and conduct you to “preposterous conclusions”.

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In this case women were being the nettles and men being those trying to grow the herbs and the lettuce. Every point that Ago makes tends to be a negative slur against on thing or another. Shakespeare presents Ago as a character who is very pessimistic in the ideas of love, Ago is married but believe he sees it as something that must be done in society not an act of love. Believe this is so as Ago is most certain that Decagon’s marriage to Othello will not last. “She must change youth, when she is stated with the error of her choice, she must have change she must. Here Shakespeare presents Ago as a man that bases marriage on looks and appearance very stereotypical ideas twitch type tot people suit. Ago also basis marriage on the correct age compatibility which is very ironic in a time where cost marriages consisted of an older man. It may also give the audience the idea that Ago is 50 confident that his plan will prevail he has no need for second questioning. Ago even believes he can make a bet on such a situation “She must have change, she must therefore put money on that. We are shown Sago’s shrewd nature again in his soliloquy as Ago speaks “lets unite get our revenge together” this is directed at Ordering. As an audience eve are aware that this is only on face value so is an act of deceit The audience is aware of this as Ago is only using Ordering to reach his own goal. This works as Ordering is in dispute With Othello over his lust for Desman Ago uses this to his advantage. Ago is conscious Ordering is a little slow and will do any thing to try to Win Desman over.

Ordering speaks “Wilt thou be fast to my hopes, if depend on the issue? ” Ago is very much aware that Desman will never enjoy the fruits Of Ordering but Ordering Will aid Ago in his plan to get rid Of Michael Cassia and have his job for this reason Ago is in dislike for Othello. I also believe that if Ago had the opportunity he would do everything within his power to acquire Othello position for the power he cannot get just from being a husband or a regular soldier.

In my view Ago is a confident man he believes his plans will always work, he could also be said to be very ethnocentric believing his philosophies are right no one else’s’ idea could be right “He wears out his time like his masters ass, tort naught but provender, and, then he’s old, cashiered. ” Sago’s a very clever man with all his various plans of which to get exactly what he wants in life. He’s a man with strong goals through this he can become very successful. Eel that if Sago’s Lana don’t work out he could become a very lonely man, as first and foremost Ago believes you must love yourself if he does not fulfill his goals he is unable to love himself. “l could distinguish betwixt a benefit and an injury never found a man that new how to love himself. ” Ago is an extremely well crafted man in the mind as he knows exactly how to persuade people to get them on side. “l retell thee again and again, hate the Moor _ My cause is hearted, thin hath no less reason: let us be conjunctive in our revenge against him. ” Here Ago is involving and convincing Ordering that he is omen to be trusted.

First Ago is able to persuade Ordering then Abrogation and lastly Othello the main enemy in the scenario. Here in fact it is found that each character had some form of quarrel with Ago but there after they are the best of friends. One of Sago’s philosophies is first and foremost one should love themselves this is good to the extent that you can achieve what you want without the burden of others. Although believe in the end if you base your whole life upon it you will become very alone as everyone will find out Sago’s base line and will not agree with it,

Overall feel Sago’s has been well thought out a well created character he is not indecisive in the slightest and he knows exactly how to treat people to reach his goals, Sago’s only down fall I feel is that if he’s plans don’t go right for him he may become a bitter person who hates society. He already has this frame tot mind the only thing that keeps him going is his strive for success and his goals but I believe even if he does reach as high as to Othello position he will never be truly happy because he’ll always want more. As he doesn’t know how to accept things for the way they are for this reason has inner experienced true love.

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