Full Block Style Complaint Letter Assignment

Full Block Style Complaint Letter Assignment Words: 276

Mellisa Jones 23 Traverse Rd Apt # 1 Newport News, VA 23606 November 3, 2011 Mrs. Sarah Lesli Manager ABC 123 Floral Shop 4865 West Side Way Freakshow, Nevada 55579 Dear Mrs. Lesli: Recently we had your company do some floral decorating in our office. We received a number of fresh flower bouquets, six dry flower wreaths, four swags and eight large tropical plants. All of the products we receive were beautiful. We were to have received ten large tropical plants though. We also were overcharged.

When we first contracted your company, we had agreed on the number of items we were to receive and we also agreed on the price of eleven hundred and fifty dollars ($1150). This price was to include: 10 fresh exotic floral bouquets, six dry flower wreaths, four dry flower swags and ten large tropical plants in clay pots. Everything arrived except the two large plants. When we checked our bill, we were charged for all the plants (including the two we did not receive) AND the total was twelve hundred and fifty dollars ($1250), not the price you had quoted us.

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I have phoned your accounts receivable department repeatedly. I am told they will look after it, but I continue to receive past due notices with the threat of court action. I believe we can come to a positive solution. Merely have the correct bill sent to me AND have the final plants delivered. Mrs. Lesli, I am very pleased with the plants and flowers. I would like to continue to do business with your company. I trust that you will review this situation, send the missing plants and adjust my account accordingly. Sincerely, Mellisa Jones Office Administer

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