Cascading Style Sheets Assignment

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Good HTML and CSS writing practice it to test one body or block of the codes at a time,instead of writing the code from the start to finish and then test the whole program,more often than not there will be errors that oh will encounter and the longer the program to test the most likely you will have bugs in the code. CSS comes in three style: 1 . In line styles – styles that are placed inside HTML tags. These are primarily used to format elements which are not part of the general formatting rule.

It overrides previously defined styles. You should avoid using it very of ten as it will defeat the very purpose of CSS. EXAMPLE 2. Internal Style Sheets – used for making document-wide style rules. They are placed in the header of the document. Internal style sheets are defined by the tag. EXAMPLE P font-size:pox; color:#AAA} . External Style Sheet- these are sheets that you need to use if you want to make a central formatting control on multiple web pages.

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This method uses the tag to link the page to the external style sheet. With external CSS, it is possible to format the entire web site by Just modifying a single file. EXAMPLE Advantages of Using CSS 1 . Save typing and development time because you have to enter CSS codes only once and it can be applied to many HTML scripts. 2. Download faster because your browser will download only one file once. 3. You can also add multiple link tags in one document.

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