Frankenstein, Gothic Literature Assignment

Frankenstein, Gothic Literature Assignment Words: 648

Even in a possible source of possible conflict of childish dispute, Victor only found more love and happiness. Elizabeth contributed In a form of feminine and natural character which only donated to the happiness of Victor, with his masculine and scientific atmosphere. A romantic theme surrounded him continuously, molding and containing his innately isolated and scientific nature; it provided a near sublime happiness. It surpassed any realistic upbringing so much so that “no human being could have passed a happier childhood than [him]”.

Mary Shells description of Frankincense’s youth progressively built In description of perfection. Nearing the entirety of his youth was posed with armory later ironically contributing to gothic themes. The contrast of romantic and gothic thematic referenced further developed with and into the isolation of Frankincense’s academic year. Frankincense furthered his own destruction through willing gothic and varied isolation. As he pursued scientific enlightenment, Victor developed a grand physical isolation to the extent where, even with others around him, “[he] was then alone. The sentiment opened up to the lack of romantic characters to gulled him; he separated himself physically and emotionally from those of his youth. The void, overlooked by him during study, grew as Victor Frankincense developed in understanding of scientific practice. The science developed gothic scenery and separation from the world. Studying death became an obsession leading him to lose he “was led to examine the cause and progress of [that] decay and forced to spend days and nights in vaults and Charlene-houses. The progress he observed only further isolated Victor, and he achieved the most gothic, death-encumbered, and obsessive leap forward within them. The study and chance that led to his scientific success even further complemented gothic isolation, but the discovery itself caused Frankincense to lose physical well-being and spend every waking minute in completion of his project. The isolation of Victor continuously and elaborately correlated to his gothic-styled downfall. Frankincense commenced his own demise within enthusiastic, erratic remoteness.

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Within the development of the monster, “[his] cheeks had grown pale with study, and [his] person had become emaciated with confinement. ” Physical displays where prevalent from the sheer amount of time within study. The physical response found only in the development tore Victor apart with every hour, almost linear with the isolation and mental well-being. Further proven, the final completion of the monster removed Victor from society, destroying his physical and mental health.

The very night of the creation, “[he] passed the night wretchedly. ” Upon the point of what was to be relief, only more of a catastrophe was brought into existence. Victor’s creation was the accumulation of all of the gothic isolation, the faults, and the darkness; Victor could not handle the product and fell further into destruction. Mary Shells displayed he cumulative nature of the effect of gothic isolation, and Victor fell into sickly states because of it. He lost all that he loved because of his own creation and his own being.

Victor Frankincense was destroyed mentally and physically because of the direct manifestation of the gothic isolation he endured. The destruction displayed within Frankincense posed as a summation and conclusion thematically of the novel. Collaboratively, Mary Shells displays gothic isolation manifesting into destruction, when unchecked. Using Victor’s youth, containing seamless parents and environment, intonating elements where further explored in the book, accentuating darkness with light.

The darkness was developed within the academic study of Victor Frankincense; seclusion and death slowly deteriorated the mind and body. The leaps forward in science cause an obsession with his project, the monster, which personified the gothic isolation, and Frankincense furthered his own downfall. He fell apart through the production, directly after, and to his death from the monster. Ultimately, Mary Shells summed the result of gothic isolation in the singular character of Victor throughout Frankincense.

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