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Frankincense The questions In this Journal Assignment cover Chapters 1-9 of Frankincense. You will be prompted to answer these questions as you work on the lessons covering these chapters. You will need to turn in this assignment after you complete the lessons covering these chapters. Your answers should be written in complete sentences and include examples from the text (10 points) 1 . In the space provided, describe some of your preconceived notions about

Frankincense. Your descriptions can include things like how you picture the monster, what you think happens in the story, and the perceptions you have of Victor Frankincense and the themes of this work. Answer: So far I’m enjoying the book and I like how It Is kind of a dark book. The mood of the book Is also something I enjoy about It. I picture the monster as a big tall green man with screws on the sides of his head. I think at the end of the book, the monster will (10 points) .

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How might Victor Frankincense’s experiencing the death of his mother due to disease affect his feelings and his drive to understand the secrets of life? Answer: Frankincense goes crazy after his mother dies and gets so Infatuated with death that he brings dead things back to life. (1 5 points) 3. Return to Victor Frankincense’s descriptions of the weather conditions at Inconstant descriptions fit with the weather motif that Mary Shelley has established in this novel? Answer: .

At several points in the novel, Victor Frankincense deems himself the one guilty for the death of William and, later, for the death of Justine. Do you agree that Victor is, in effect, the true murderer? Why or why not? Answer: I do agree that he is responsible for the murders, but he is not the murderer. The monster is the true murderer. Victor should have taught the monster right from wrong and kept the monster locked away and maybe the no one would have been murdered.

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