Discussion about males and females leadership style Assignment

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Critically discuss the leadership style of one male and one female leader from the world of work or business with reference to the literature on gender, management and leadership For this discussion I am going to pick two leaders one being a female and the other being a male. One of the female leaders which I have decided to choose is Ginning Roomette who is the chairman, president and CEO of IBM and one of the reasons for why I have chosen this leader is due to the fact that I personally feel that she has her own personal style of leadership which I strongly agree with.

The male leader which I have chosen is Barack Obama who is currently the president of United States America and I feel that he brings a very unique style of leadership skills to the business which I am going to get into dept. More about during the discussion. The growth of female’s Jobs within the United Kingdom has had an increase in growth, especially in the sector of part time and low sector Jobs however a few high professional Jobs has also increased such as female leaders in certain businesses.

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Gender differences in leadership styles has been one of the most looked at studies in he field of leaderships which makes it very important for us to understand in today’s world and to look at the different styles that both females offer compared to males in today’s world as Jobs and responsibilities in the world is vital. One thing to remember is that even though women have been a large increase within the work force, very few female leaders are positioned.

Ginning Roomette is an inseparable leader for IBM and other females who is now a world leading company who competes and is at the same rank as Microsoft, apple and Google. It is the 19th largest company in the world with revenues up to $107 billion and Ginning Roomette was named CEO in January 2012. One of the ways in which Ginning does her leadership style is by thinking long term which is something her and IBM does in order to succeed and going forward. As well as that Ginning mentions that she believes in Strategic belief more than in strategic planning.

The reason for why she believes in this is due to the fact that in today’s world everything tends to change so quickly from marketing aspects to technology and Hereford she rather go with the instinct of what she believes in which is a unique way of leadership style to bring to a company compared to other leaders who would most properly follow normal procedures such as marketing planning strategic planning etc. One of the things that Ginning believes in which makes her a unique leader is by believing in her team for example try things, experiment things which might Just work for the company.

She says “try things, they experiment. Some of them work, you codify them, put them in management systems, you react to what happens” (Editors, F 2012. This clearly tells us one of the leadership styles in which Ginning follows is simply by doing things over the years and not putting them into use straight away however after a year or so if it all works out she will put it into use hence why she follows the “thinking long term” process as she finds this the best way companies in the world.

As we all know females have fewer opportunities in having responsibilities like this as well as being a leader. For all minorities it is a struggle to get where Ginning is today however her commitment and her style of leadership clearly wows that it is possible, I personally feel that Ginning Roomette is an excellent role model for business interested females to follow as Ginning has done really well with her own unique way of leadership style to her company and by being all three CEO, chairman and president of one of the largest companies (MM).

Jinni’s next target is to make $20 billion within the next three years. However a lot of questions can be raised about why there are very few black female leaders as they are not being given the same opportunities as others. Black and ethnic minorities are usually overlooked pony when it comes to serious work within the mainstream. Barack Obama is an excellent type of leader as he leads his country and has a lot of responsibilities and duties which he needs to do.

He is the first black president for the United State which shows that the community today is equal and that all races have equal opportunities. It has open up a lot of people opportunities as they now feel that the world today is open for all races and that everyone has an opportunity to succeed in what they want regardless of their race. Obama has a very unique type of leadership style, he has dated a lot of times that it is all about, respect, empower and include.

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