CWillis American Realism and Naturalism Assignment

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American Realism and Naturalism Cindy Willis Realism and naturalism are quite similar movements of literature. They both focus on life peeled away down to its core; natural and real. Realism is the broader subject, while naturalism is a more exaggerated version of it. Some writers’ style of realism focuses on the middle class people in the world, while others on upper class. Either way, readers would be told a tale about people Just like them. It’s a raw and pessimistic look at life. Whichever way realism is portrayed to the readers, it is always comprehensive in detail.

Naturalism is made from realism with added natural occurrences added in. The writings were about people that are down on their luck or got the short end of the stick, followed by another short end. Death, betrayal, and natural disasters are things that turned realism to a new chapter: naturalism. Writers began to emphasize how science and biology, as well as the environment and other uncontrollable forces shaped human life. People from the middle class could then read about the lower class and understand what they deal with and go through on a regular basis simply cause they do not have the sources to get away.

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These two literary movements affected our world in a huge way and will stick with us to the end. They are important to therapeutically help us evolve into a better population. Reading raw stories about people Just like us gives everyone a new perspective and different outlook on life and the people in it. Reading moving and motivational happenings gives us hope and helps give us strength to conquer anything that is placed before us. Swills American Realism and Naturalism By PKZIP

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