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The war lass deed from 19391945. WI started due to resentment from the Treaty of Versailles. The Treaty of Versailles was a treaty made after World War I to punish the Axis powers for I going (specifically Germany). The harsh conditions imposed in the treaty had huge effects on Ge Raman. Not only did Germany have to demoralize, but they had to pay huge sums of war repay rations. The conditions caused by this treaty also contributed to the rise Of Doll Hitler, the e one who actually started the war, and in turn Nazism, a fascist political party in Germany.

This a Iso led to the rise f Nazi eugenics, which was a fake science that placed the biological improve meet of the Aryans above all other races, which helped bring about the Holocaust, which was the killing of millions of Jews and other groups of people who Hitler did not like. The conditions in Germany after World War I made him speak up, trying to bring Germany to its former glory. While at first, no one paid attention to him, after the US stock market crash Germany’s economy y crashed too, due to them not being able to support themselves after the treaty.

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A few years aft ere the US stock arrest crash, Hitler started to take over many countries in Europe who were not strong enough to fight back. He was about to take over all of Czech. Until the Munich conferee once was had which tried to appease Hitter’s want for more land by giving him the Students and. Once Hitler broke the deal he made and took over all of Coach. And eventually Poland, Far once and Great Britain declared war on Germany. During World War II, there were two opposing sides, the Axis and Allied pop were. The Axis Powers consisted of Germany, Italy, Japan, and for a time the Soviet Union.

The e Allied Powers insisted of Great Britain, France, the United States, China, and the Soviet Nun on after it was attacked by Germany. A viewpoint of Germany, which was the main country i n the Axis Powers, was that Germany had to be returned to its former glory. This is why he starter d to militaries Germany again and to take over many countries around Germany, including P Land, which actually begins the war itself. A viewpoint of the Allied Powers was that they h ad to stop Germany. Germany had become incredibly strong and had amassed a huge military by the start of World War II.

Once the war started, all the countries in the Allied Powers w need to stop Germany and its invasions of more and more places. The US also wanted to g et back at Japan for attacking them at pearl Harbor. World War II ended up getting resolved with the Allied Powers winning the war. First, Germany unconditionally surrendered on May 8th, 1 945, this was almost a we eek after Doll Hitler died, presumably by suicide. Then the Japanese surrender on August 15 , 1945, after the dropping of two atomic bombs, which signals the end of World War II. The Tree tat of Peace with Japan officially ended the fighting in Japan.

The Paris Peace Treaties then dealt tit the aftermath of WI, such as giving countries back land they lost during the war . Just like in World War One the losing side, the Axis Powers had to pay war reparations, a ND Eastern Europe was given control by several countries. In the end, World War Two was a huge war that threatened peace in many countries around the world. The war itself was started by people’s opposing viewpoints and eve nets that happened earlier in history, such as the Treaty of Versailles. World War Two has had lasts Eng effects all around the world and has vastly changed the way in which peace is kept.

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