Man Cannot Grow Without Conflict Assignment

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Names. (Bow to audience) I’d like to begin by saying thankful for having me here, and thankful for eating me have this opportunity to speak on behalf of the peace keepers around the world On this special day. As many of you know, today, the 21st Of September is International Peace Day. We have all gathered here today in order to recognize and pray for those who are living amidst conflict and other battles, whether it is internal, national or international.

We are also trying to obtain world peace so that our future generations can live in a humble society. Surprisingly, psychologists have found that conflict can be good for society, but… In moderation and in which it can be controlled. Deviance is seen to keep the natural order of things in our world in place and running smoothly. Isn’t that interesting? That we are gathered here, and have devoted a single day in a year to world peace and here I am stating that conflict and deviancy can be good for our society.

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Ironic isn’t it? However we must also remember that although it may be seen as keeping the natural order of things running smoothly and effectively, these acts do derive at somebody else’s cost. Someone, somewhere in the world will be affected from these deeds and that is why we are here today… To recognize these people who eek justice and fairness in our world. Who want nothing but the best for the people of their societies and who value the feelings and reputations of others.

Inflicting conflict on one person may be easily done, but I believe that the victim will always come out stronger and more determined to make a difference in the world than ever before. Man is able to grow as a person without conflict, but enduring a sense of inevitable force upon oneself will indeed change their views on the world and make them robust individuals who are more likely to stand up for themselves and others who are not able o stand up for their own rights and responsibilities.

Let’s take a moment to think about all those people, who are living in third world developing countries who were born into an unfriendly and corrupt society, ruled by religious activists, dictating over their nation. Take Pakistan for example, over 180 million people, very little natural resources left, with many living miserable lives as a result Of living in a communist country ruled by the Taliban. Countries such as Pakistan have been overruled by religion to a greater extent than imagined.

These people are living in harsh conditions yet till wake up every day and do as they are told, they are the strong ones they are the ones who are growing and although they may not be at peace with the world, they can most certainly be at peace with themselves because they are the ones that have endured the hardship of these dictators yet still manage to survive. In depiction to what I heaviest said, it is possible for people to live, grow, nourish and be happy whilst living in developing countries. Butane is said to be the happiest place in the world even though they are a developing country.

They have so little yet have so much to offer. They are very religious people who go about doing their own thing with no one ruler in charge. Everyone is entitled to their own space and freedom and is allowed to be themselves and express themselves in the eyes of God. Let’s take this moment to promote world peace, because it is evident that it is possible to grow and be happy in life without the need for wars and nastiness within our society. If a third world country, who have so little to resources can do it, then why can’t we? One of the world’s top 1st world countries, yet we cannot seem to master one of the finer things in life?

There’s some food for thought. Thankful. (bow). Written explanation: have written a speech said by the Dalai Lama on the International World Peace day, to inform and promote world peace and recognize those who are living amidst conflict and help make a change in our world. It is spoken in America yet is directed at the whole of our society who wants to make our world a better place. Have called on real life examples such as the international world peace day, the Taliban terrorist group, psychological studies and statistics about Butane being the happiest place in our world.

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