Conflict in a Workplace Assignment

Conflict in a Workplace Assignment Words: 249

My experience at work was with a co-worker regarding shipment of equipments and communication within both departments. The process within my section is when a customer requests for assistance to turn-in an unserviceable equipment. We assist and request guidance from the item manager for disposition instructions and receive instructions. The customer is notified and scheduled a date and time for turn-in. Prior to the scheduled day, I email my co-worker to verify if they require any other comments for the shipment.

During an inspection on the equipment with the customer, an issue arises. My co-worker wouldn’t accept the equipment because of a packing requirement for the original box or crate. This is where I provided the email that states no other documents required. I had to inform my co-worker it wasn’t my fault and that they would need to accept the equipment until we request more guidance from the item manager. When my customer left, I approached my co-worker and asked him where was he disconnection on communication with each other.

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According to my co-worker, he asked someone from their office to verify if any other documents are lacking. With him being the lead of his section and trusting his co-worker, research was conducted and completed with no other requirements from the customer. My co-worker verified and the problem was that if you inquire the federal national stock number verses the national stock number it provides you two different information.

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