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However the conflict doesn’t just come and go, it changes us whether during experiencing it or after the encounter. When caught up in a rough situation conflict can make people turn selfish for their own self- preservation, which causes them to neglect others including close ones. It also can be a significant change, transforming a person into a leader that WOUld stand for what they believe is right or altering an individual’s aspect Of life.

Therefore, conflict When conflict arises and drawn into a harsh environment it may cause a person to become more selfish in order to conserve their own wellbeing. In Eli Weasel’s text ‘Night’ which describes his experience as a Jew struggling in a incineration camp during World War 2, he states “if only I didn’t find him! If only I were relieved of this responsibility, could use all my strength for my own survival, to take care only of myself’, referring to his father Eli wanted to abandon him in order to improve his chance of survival.

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Furthermore, it wasn’t just Eli that wanted to save their own life it was all the Jews who was fighting to stay alive, for instance, in the wagon that stopped at a German town, a son had killed his own father for a small crust of bread without a single care of what he had done. Conflict that leaves a person in a desperate tuition such as this one would almost always cause that person to naturally become greedy, where they would put their own lives before others, afraid that if they don’t they would pay the price instead which could be death.

Moreover, in Christopher Nylon’s ‘Batman Begins’, Joe Chill a victim of the economic depression in Gotcha was driven to mug Brace’s parents demanding jewelry and cash but also shot both of them in the process. This establishes that conflict not only causes a person to perform acts of selfishness such as stealing from another person but can also make a person kill one another to obtain that need. All in all, when someone is a victim of conflict it turns them selfish because that person will do anything to survive when their health and safety is in danger.

Conflict can have a significant impact on a person, completely changing their lifestyle or personal views. The effects of conflict varies, but it can most certainly cause long term damage, tormenting someone for a long period or life. In particular, the Vietnam War Veterans where some have experienced distressing moments during the war and developed PATS (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) which leaves the Veteran is a state of fear, helplessness or error when they recall a traumatizing event that happened during the war.

This example illustrates the dreadful change that encountering conflict can cause where a person’s whole life is affected since they can’t do a particular activity such as watching a violent movie because it will trigger the PATS; similarly normal people also experience distressing moments too, such as making a regret where they can’t forget it, possible changing a part of their lifestyle.

Additionally, in the book Night Eli who started off having a strong faith in God at the beginning, had completely lost faith in his God towards the ND, saying “l had ceased to pray I was not denying his existence, but I doubted his absolute justice” This demonstrates that conflict can alter a person’s belief in their religion and trust in others, for Eli, he no longer trusted that God would protect his father so Eli put the safety of his father in his own hands rather than someone else.

So having a new view on life or a new way of life is one of the many changes that occur when a person has faced conflict. When in a struggle against an opposition it can change an individual to become a leader to stand up for themselves and others.

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