Conflict Resolution Assignment

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Part of being a successful leader is knowing how to resolve conflict as soon as it starts and knowing how to prevent negativity from spreading. Learning how to handle conflict confidently is a key component to being a successful manager. A major way to avoid conflict is to understand the causes and develop methods for managing potential negative outcomes (Schemata, 2015). Negotiation is one of the most effective ways to decrease conflict. Conflict management and negotiation techniques are important skills that leaders and managers must develop.

Below, we have listed scenarios along with different ways to handle conflict and negativity in the workplace. Storybook 1: How would you react when a team member is being vague and trying to spin bad news to sound more positive, thereby making it harder for the team to actually approach and resolve the issue? Correspondence with each other is a fundamental apparatus for a team’s prosperity when cooperating as a group. At the point when a teammate decides to be shifty, sugar coat issues, or issues with a task it can bring about a missed due date or disappointments lying upon how terrible the issue is.

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On the off chance that an issue emerges, the best thing to do is talk about it with the whole group immediately to permit time to address the issue and think of a resolution (Clinch, 1994). How could you encourage someone to continue to voice his or her opinion or to share an idea when you know she IS hesitant to do so? When helping someone, the first thing one must have is patience. Patience is essential formality for assisting others. People need to understand that it squires significant investment of time and understanding for individuals to change and develop.

The individual must be tolerant with those they offer assistance. As assistants, we must give individuals in need time to comprehend themselves and their issues and time to discover answers for the issues they confront. This incorporates resilience for a certain measure of wallowing, disarray, and false begins. Since change originates from inside of the individual, aides should be persistent and permit the individual the time it takes for them to find their own answers (Clinch, 1994).

An effective way to keep someone engaged is to always be constructive and positive. Don’t make general statements about a subject, try to share personnel experiences where the individual will be more responsive and may be able to relate. Compelling help of a discourse includes the acknowledgment and occupation of alternate points of view and distinctive aptitudes to make a comprehensive domain. So as to do as such, it is imperative to consider the elements of viable talks, and conditions that advance little gatherings and engagements.

Exchange is an effective System for dynamic taking in; a very much encouraged examination permits the member to come up with new thoughts while perceiving and esteeming the commitments of others (Clinch, 1994). Encourage Voice In the case of the employee that did not want to voice his or her opinion, a leader/manager should encourage him/her to voice their opinion even fifthly do not think anyone is listening. You should inform the employee that their opinion is as valuable as the opinion of each of the other employees.

You would also ensure that no member would be excluded for his or her thoughts or opinions. Storybook 2: As a manager, how would you relay an important negative message with as little impact on your team as possible? Why would you choose this method? Managers should focus on body language and tone when relaying a negative message. Body language is another means of communication; you don’t want the recipient to construe what you are trying to say. Controlling your body language will ensure that the message content and context are relayed effectively.

Sometimes one’s body language can speak louder than words. The tone of the message is also very important. Being that you are attempting to get your point across with little impact, translate the message in a positive tone. By doing so, you are building the employee hope that they are expected to bounce back from what ever happen. As a manager, I think you should never use mean and harsh words directed toward an employee. Also, before the meeting is over, always explain the reason as clearly as possible.

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