Ashes for the Wind Conflict Assignment

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In the short story Ashes for the Wind, the protagonist Juan Martinez is faced with conflict both external and internal. The story takes place in a village in Colombia that is going through political injustice and change. Juan and his family are told that they are being evicted from their house, and need to leave immediately. The first conflict was presented when Simon Reversal’s son explained to Juan that he needs to clear out of his house. Although Reveal and his parent’s had been friends with Juan and his family, he had to deliver the news because he was an informer for the authorities.

Juan and his wife discussed their problem and said “They’ll have to kill us. ” This introduces Jean’s internal conflict. Juan is now faced with the decision of leaving and being homeless with a wife and child and letting the authorities win, or staying and putting him and his families life in danger. Juan states that the government should have no concern with his neighborhood since its in a poor area. Juan comes to the conclusion that his choice in the election might have to do with his current situation. He laughs at the words of Reveal and says, “He was trying to scare me.

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Juan remembers all his encounters in town where he was mistreated, first at Don Ormolu Liners’ store where he was told they are out of oil, then at a local drug store run by a man named Bandies. At Bandies’ shop, Reveal and an officer come in and stir up trouble with Juan. The officer asks what going on and doesn’t let Bandies answer before turning to Juan, the officer says “So you, too, are one of those who are resisting? ” Reveal answers for Juan, he speaks up and says, ” Yes, he’s one of the Reds; he lives near Tree Aspires way.

Juan is speechless, he now realizes that an old friend of his family is now an enemy. Juan is puzzled by Reveal, he’s not in uniform and he had grown up in the village Just as Juan did. It made sense why he would be helping the authorities, since he has the advantage of growing up around the village people. Juan was awaken by gun shots, he gets dressed and rushes to the door. Entering his font yard through the squeaky gate was Reveal and the officer he had met at Bandies’ store. Juan realizes that Reveals’ warning is becoming reality, he as told, ” A week, be out of here in a week.

That’s the best thing you can do. Otherwise…. ” Now 12 days after his warning Reveal and a cop are threatening him with gunshots. The cop makes his final threat saying, ‘You’ve had fair warning. Clear out, and clear out fast. ” Juan final internal conflict is making the decision to stay after all the threats. Due to his decision him, his wife, and child burn in their house after the authorities set fire to it. This showed that Juan was standing up to the corrupt government. Ashes for the Wind Conflict By Hooliganism

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