American Rhetoric Hillary Clinton Assignment

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World Conference on Woman’s Plenary Session, and the American public. Clinton gathered in Beijing China were she is focusing world attention on issues that matter most especially in woman lives. Clinton targeted governments and organizations who held the power to make her goal on the progress of women’s rights possible. Clinton stated “The great challenge of this conference is to give a voice to women everywhere whose experiences go unnoticed.

Her, speech hoped to inspire woman who are usually silenced and give them a voice and a reason to become vocal for their basic human rights. I agree with everything Clinton is advocating about in her speech. Woman in China does not obtain equal rights as woman do in America. She explains how woman rights should be equal to human rights, but currently around the world they are not. Her speech is very credible and what she says seems to be is a logical, appropriate way of thinking. Silicon’s speech uses rhetoric by including elements of ethos, pathos, and logos modes of persuasion.

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Rhetoric is the art of an effective person. Ethos pertains to the credibility of the speaker. Clinton holds credibility because of her role as the First Lady. At the same time she is an influential activist for women’s rights. Pathos regards too particular emotional response in the audience and the reader. Clinton evokes empathy from the audience as she relates issues facing woman all over the world. The passage uses the rhetorical device, Anaphora, which is the reputation off word or a phrase at the beginning off line. Clinton uses “It is a violation of human rights”.

The list of these lead strongly to her pathos argument. Logos appeal too strong connection in an argument. In her speech as a whole I feel her pain imaginatively throughout. She has made a huge impact with her message. She has impressively moved her message with the audience to make a dedicated decision and appropriate action. As a woman I agree with Clinton, a woman’s rights should not be violated for any reason. She delivered an argument that woman deserve to have human rights, but she did not specify how to achieve the goal.

The goal of this is to promote the idea hat woman should “Take greater control over their own destinies. ” The purpose of this is to request to the public to share the common idea woman’s rights are humans rights that cannot and should not be violated. Also Clinton recognized woman’s Jobs, and the role they play in their lives. The other rights that were mentioned in her speech as well were access to education, health care, Jobs, credit, the chance to enjoy basic legal and human rights and to participate fully in the political life of our countries.

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