Rhetoric Assignment

Rhetoric  Assignment Words: 366

Rhetoric is best described as an appeal a) b) fiction c) poetry d) analytical Logos, ethos, and pathos are examples of 2. Types of rhetorical questions light, eternity, and paternity Greek gods types of appeals James and Saba argue about the true definition of “freedom”. James argues it is 3. The ability to do anything you want; Saba argues it means that laws are in place to protect the people. In the end, James and Saba develop a new understanding of freedom to be protected by law to have the ability to do what you want unless this ill harm another.

This an example of a) dialectic b) rhetoric c) analytic 4. The following statement is an example of which type of rhetoric: “In 2002, the Supreme Court of Canada decided it was unconstitutional to prevent inmates in prison from voting. If a murderer can vote, then surely you wouldn’t prevent a well- informed sixteen year old from voting whom hasn’t killed another? ” a) ethos b) pathos c) logos 5.

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The following statement is an example of which type of rhetoric: “Stephen Lewis, roomer United Nations Special Envoy for HIVE/AIDS in Africa, says: “The situation of people living and dying with AIDS in parts of Africa is so desperate that even the most basic help will bring solace and hope. ” 1 Rhetoric Is Best Described As By shanks 6. Rhetoric formally began in the 15th century. A) True b) False 7. In another situation, Robin has overheard the conversation between James and Saba. Robin decides to gather up the best examples and evidence and prepares a speech to share with others.

Robin appeals to the audience’s hearts and minds to convince them of the new definition of freedom. This an example of a) didactic c) dialectic 8. The following statement is an example of what: “There is some research that suggests that celebrity obsession has been part of the reason humans survived. In the past, knowing who was on your side was important??it could be life or death. Gossip, then, was an advantage to survival. ” 9. Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech is an example of a type of rhetoric.

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