U.S. Criminal Justice System: Creation and Maintenance Assignment

U.S. Criminal Justice System: Creation and Maintenance Assignment Words: 249

How does the IIS criminal justice system create and maintain racial hierarchy through mass incarceration? In the book, The New Jim Crow, written by Michelle Alexander she asserts that The IIS criminal justice system is using the Drug War to cover the mature “Jim Crop W’. Alexander states, ” Mass incarceration in the United States had, in fact, emerged as a stun mincingly comprehensive and wildernesses system of reclaimed social control that fun actions if a manner strikingly similar to Jim Crow,”(Alexander, 4).

What Alexander is assert Eng is that the US criminal justice system is the new age of Jim Crow, which was the period oaf term slavery. Jim Crow Laws defined by Alexander is ” The backlash against the gains of Affair can Americans in the Reconstruction Era to reverse Reconstruction,” (Alexander, 3 O). Mass incarceration is another term for enslavement, except for this time, the IIS ha s found a way to not only deny the rights of African African Americans as it did in the Jim Crow Era, it found a way to deny the rights of all minorities within the States.

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Once you are a convict acted felon it is very hard and almost nearly impossible to be successful. Alexander claims, ” Once you’re labeled a felon, the old forms of discrimination employment discrimination, h sousing discrimination, denial of the right to vote, denial of educational opportunity, d menial of food stamps, and other public benefits…. Are suddenly legal.

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