The Youth Criminal Justice Act The Bathtub Case Assignment

The Youth Criminal Justice Act The Bathtub Case Assignment Words: 778

The Youth Criminal Justice Act is an act in respect of criminal justice for young persons and to amend and repeal other acts. It is made up of communities, lawyers, business people, families, parents and so many more. Canada is a party to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and recognizes attuning persons have rights and freedoms, including those stated in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Canadian Bill of Rights, and have special guarantees of their rights and freedoms.

There are certain requirements for an adult sentence that this case upholds. Their dative, planning and age show that these two sisters have a right to be sentenced as a adult, generally having a length of 25 years to life. The real motive for Sandra and Elizabeth Andersen to kill their mother Linda Anderson was based on greed and power. Thus, insuring the fact that the two sisters should have received an adult sentence. “Probation continued to be the most common type of youth court sentence, imposed in 58% of all guilty youth court cases in 201 1/2012. Most of these cases involved theft or minor crimes therefore these girls were part of that 42% that don’t get off that easy. The major reason these girls needed to be arrested was their initial motive to drown their mother. While talking to the police and their confession to the family friend the daughters stated the mother was “wasting… Money on alcohol” as well as had abusive boyfriends that turned out to be false. The only truth they got from them was they were unhappy that their friends had “better things like swimming pools and clothes”.

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Then found search history of the girls planning on killing the mother. Elizabeth and Sandra Andersen believed that after they killed their mother, they would get insurance money. This compensation, the sisters resolved, would be spent on a trip to Europe with their friends as well as a large house, with a backyard filled with marijuana. This murder was premeditated. Sandra Anderson and Elizabeth Anderson were of the ages of 14 and 1 6 making them completely capable of differing right from wrong.

The fact that they researched the ways in which to kill their mother and got strong drugs to put the mother unconscious proves that there not children anymore. This was not accidental this was a planned out murder under the terms of money. If they were unhappy with the mother addiction they could have gotten help or their mother and come through the difficult times as a family. This crime was done intentionally and killed a person no matter if the mother had an addiction or not should not be factored in because of the things they planned with their friends regarding the mother.

After the crime happened the girls showed no remorse for the lose of their mother showing how little they cared about her life and how much they cared about the money and power of it all. They had many conversations with their friends about how funny and cool it would be. The girls had so many plans for after the mother death how does anyone know for sure that they wouldn’t do t again. Considering they had no problem with taking a human beings life they should have been put away longer.

A year after the murder they told a man at a party that the death of their mother might not have been an accident. Later that night he went to the police because of the suspicious behavior from the girls, leading them to their arrest. In conclusion, the Anderson sisters should have had a longer adult sentence then they did. They planned to murder their mother and went through on it and got other people involved in a very violent death. The reasons behind the murder were because Linda was an alcoholic but they never got her help.

The sister’s main problem with the alcoholism was that she was spending all their money and they wanted to buy cloths and go on trips with their friends. When the movie is greed and jealousy there IS no way to justify what happened. After the girls had their 1 0-year sentence and got out after 3 years the eldest went to engineering school at waterloo and the youngest is married with a child in the middle of getting a degree in law in at a school in Ottawa. The sisters turned their horrific killing of the mother to a spotlight story on how they were victimized and their successes.

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