Criminal Justice Assignment

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The Purpose of probation is the suspending and or delaying in a correctional term in Jail so that, instead of being in Jail, offenders are allowed almost a second chance and put back into the community for a period in which they must do the following (a) abide by certain conditions given by the court and (b) be supervised by a probation officer. Without probation Jails would rapidly become even more overcrowded. Probation officers are the supervisor assigned by the court and the Judges to the offenders that must follow the rules and guidelines that are given.

They monitor the behavior of the offender through personal contact. 2. Probation revocation means that the community sentence is terminated and the original sentence of Jail time is enforced. This happens when the offender who is on probation commits a second crime that is more serious than the first; they may be indicted, tried, and sentenced to Jail on the second offense. Probation is a privilege. Despite the seriousness of the crime the offenders are given a second chance to make amends for what he/she has done. 3. A convicted criminal should make restitution to the victim if its seriousness of the crimes such as robbery, theft, and fraud.

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A persons death could not be paid back by money or community service. Restitution is inappropriate when it is murder, rape, and assault. Such crimes like these are not forgiven by money and community service. 4. Offenders should be fined on the seriousness of the crime and in terms of their ability to pay. Despite the crime that has been committed the offender’s rights must be followed. They are still human. Also, even though he/she may not have enough money to pay or are financially successful the fines they are given will be made sure of any money they make in life will go to the families that were hurt or whatever the ease may be. . House arrest does involve a violation of personal freedom but once you are convicted and proven guilty, strict regulations must apply. House arrest is the same as being in Jail. There is little to or no communication at all. If communication is allowed, it will be monitored to make sure the time spent in the house is a lesson learned. House arrest can be applied to criminal cases when prison does not seem an appropriate measure. Personally I would not want the government to monitor my daily activities, but I would never end up in any situation that would involve such measure.

It could expand for example AID patients but they should not walk around Criminal Justice By gigabytes process can cause many violations of humans rights if it is not thought through properly. 6. Criminals can be restored through community interaction by restoring the damage caused and creating a system of Justice that includes all parties harmed by the criminal act: the victim, the offender, the community, and society. This is not only a more sufficient way of doing things it reduces the number of criminals in Jails, allows people to get a second chance and still earn and finally it is much cheaper. 7.

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