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Lay between 80-120 eggs The group of eggs is called a Clutch Incubation = ??60 days After hatching, it takes 3-7 days to dig to the surface About 1 in 1000 hatchings will survive to adulthood Nest temperatures determine the gender of hatchings Warm temperatures result in more females and cool temperatures produce more ales Sea Turtle Diet Green and Black – Hawkins’s – Sea Grasses and algae Coral Reef Leatherback – _Jelly Fish Fallback – Sea Cucumber organisms like sponges and mollusks Loggerhead and Riddles – Jellyfish, crabs, mollusks, shrimp What Can I Do?

Never touch a turtle or disturb a nest Remove all items from the beach (not Just Trash Fill in holes and head Sand CAstles Never get near a sea turtle’s (No) Lights Please: Use red light emitting flashlights No flash photography Never shine a light at a sea turtle Avoid surf-facing lights (condominiums, parking garages, homes) Break Out Rooms – You must complete this activity, even if you watched the recording 1 . What are your partners’ names (If you watched the recording, indicated that for #1) 1 . ) Solomon, Leander 2. ) Waldron, Jordan 3. ) Dullard, Taylor 4. ) Nolan, Bryan 2. Identify 5 things Lisa and Elise did wrong: 1. Pass the tapes 2. Touched the turtles 3. Used Flash on Camera 4. Builds a Sand Castle 5. Leave the Plastic Bag and Put chair and towel in the Way 3. How did Lisa and Elise break the law?

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Broke the law by touching the turtle and take a flash picture 4. If you saw Lisa and Elijah’s actions, would you report them to local/state law enforcement? I would report them. 9. Name 1 thing you LOVED about this Live Lesson. I loved how the two groups are mixed because it makes the live lesson interesting. 10. On Your Own Question – Paste the avocado. Com recording URL here – -Go to avocado. Com -Record your answer to the question below Do you think beachfront condominiums and homeowners should be required to alter lighting in parking areas, on walkways, and inside homes? Explain why or why not, and what effect your decision would have on the sea turtle population.

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