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For my Chemistry paper I decided that I would do technology. Some of the topics I chose for my paper was how chemistry helps with technology by helping with Forsenic Science, Crime Scene Investigations, the wiring of bombs, fireworks and guns preventing premature detonatations, and Engineering. Chemistry deals with technology and sciences since technology is used to make experiments. Another example of everyday use is the computer that helps you in your research and communications.

Forensic science techniques uses the chemistry of print to trace the topography or landscape of evidence left at a crime scene. Dusting for fingerprints has its limitations on some surfaces, chemistry allows evidence to be produced imediately. A process known as “conformal-evaporated-film-by-rotation” is used to pull delicate patterns from surfaces where fingerprints are not seen with the naked eye. With chemistry this information can be produced in a matter of 15 minutes. Forensic Science Moves Beyond Chemistry of The Print. Retrieved October 22, 2010 from http://www. sfk. com/2010/05/forensic-science-moves-beyond-chemistry-of-the-print. html. Gunpowder was the first chemical explosive, and was called black powder when it was first created by the Chinese more than 1,000 years ago. It is a beneffit to our US military and abused by US gangs. Gunpowder isn’t the only thing that explodes fulminating gold is also used. Both gunpowder and fulminating gold is made up of nitrogen, azides,nitrates, and other nitrocompounds. The chemistry of fireworks is an oxidizing agent, a reducing agent a coloring agent, binders and regulators.

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All these ingredients mixed together is the making of basic fireworks. Fireworks are used for Fourth of July celebrations to make memorable colors, shapes in the air and loud exciting noises. These sights and sounds is the outcome of a number of chemical reactions. Fireworks are fun to watch, but are very dangerous and great caution must be taken when they are used. The Chemical of the Week. Retrieved Octobere 22, 2010 from http://scifun. chem. wisc. edu/chemweek/fireworks/fireworks. htm.

It may seem as though engineering would have nothing to do with winemaking , but the fermentation process is what makes the grape juice, grape wine. Grape jucie consists of 79% water and 20% carbohydrates, 1% organic acids and trace amounts of organic acids, phenolics, vitamins, minerals and nitrogenous compounds. Some winemakers don’t wash their grapes. Is this nasty or not? Well, in my research I found that some winemakers believe that making wine with grapes that still have the dust from the dirt and pesticides from their vineyard makes a bolder and better tasting wine.

Which is also known as the chemistry of winemaking, also known as enology and is very hard to understand. A man by the name of Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac first found that the overall reaction of gases turns glucose to alcohol and carbon dioxide and has the chemical equation of C6H12O6 –>2 CO2+ 2C2H5OH. Wine is used in many settings, reglious settings such as communion and social settings such as parties and night clubs. Winemaking ??? Wash Your Grapes? Retrieved October 22, 2010 from http://chemistry. bout. com/; The Chemistry of Winemaking. The Encyclopedia Britannica. 2000. Retrieved October 22, 2010 from http://www. emsb. qc. ca/laurenhill/science/wine. html. Overall, chemistry is used an a lot of different ways. There are a lot of things that we enjoy can be related to chemistry that we would never think of. I hope my paper has opened up your eyes as to some serious and enjoyable ways chemistry is used in everyday life. This research has helped me to look at chemistry a little differently.

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