Criminal justice motivational theories matrix Assignment

Criminal justice motivational theories matrix Assignment Words: 327

This will make you strive to do even a better job and enjoy what you do. Having responsibilities given to you Not only are you doing your job but given other responsibilities. By doing your job you are showing you can handle what is given to you. When the higher ups think you can handle more responsibilities, it shows trust and confidence in which they have in you to do the other duties in the job. Being shown respect Supervisors and other authorities have respect for you. In today’s workforce there is a huge emphasis on gender.

A woman can do a bob just as well as a man and if the supervisor respects the fact that you are just as good as the rest, you do not feel singled out. The others including men show respect as well, will make you feel included and respected. Enjoying your job Enjoying what you do and who you work with. By enjoying your job you are going to be motivated to do your best. Without the enjoyment there is a danger of just not caring and not doing the job to the best of your ability, which could lead to danger in the safety of yourself and others.

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Being unhappy can also lead to a burnout on the job, which could dead to other issues as well as health related issues. Extra training Learning more about the company or the organization you work for. When you learn more about what you are doing or what is going on with the organization, you feel included and you feel as though the supervisors are trusting you to learn more about the job. This would in turn make a person feel as though they are an important role to the job. Learning more about your job can lead to many happy years with the company and promotion, looking good in the supervisors eyes.

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