Criminal Justice Mini Quiz Assignment

Criminal Justice Mini Quiz Assignment Words: 355

To have something written c. To keep order d. None of the above 3. Why are persons arrested told they have, “a right to remain silent” a. Because of the 6th amendment b. Because no one wants to hear what criminals have to say c. Because of the 5th amendment 4. Why do police officers conduct investigations? A. To sit and eat b. Because they are told to do so. C. To find details or facts that could lead to probable cause d.

None of the above 5. Why is there a need for a warrant? A. Because of the 6th amendment b. Because of the 4th amendment d. Because of the 80th amendment 6. What protects a person from having a police officer use excessive force a. That persons own strength b. The police officers guilt d. 8th amendment 7. What are the two subcategories in Level 1 offenses a. Violent crimes, property crimes and morality crimes b. Violent crimes, property crimes c. Moral crimes, strict liability 8. What two are examples of violent crimes a.

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Assault, murder b. Arson, theft c. Vehicular theft, prostitution 9. What three are examples of level 2 offenses a. Prostitution b. Prostitution, vagrancy, speeding, Jaywalking Criminal Justice Mini Quiz By springboards 10. A misdemeanors is always over one year in prison a. True b. False 11. A felony is always less than one year in prison 12. What is mess rear: guilty mind Rear: guilty act guilty mind and act they committed the act a. True 13. What is Cactus 14. What is concurrence: both 15. In the Defense of Justification, one agrees 16.

IN the defense of Justification, one is trying to prevent a greater evil a. True 17. Examples of Justification can be a. Self defense, defense of others, defense of property, necessity and duress b. Self defense, defense of others, defense of property, and necessity c. Self defense, never defense of others, and consent. 18. Duress is an example of a Justification Defense a. False b. True 19. Examples of Defenses to a criminal charge are a. Justification b. Justification, excuses c. Justification, excuses, procedural defenses d. Alibi, Justification, excuses, procedural defenses

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