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The Criminal Justice Procedure Name Institution Identify and describe statutory authority and responsibilities of Justice system officials, security personnel, and private citizens regarding investigative detention and the arrest of suspected offenders The Justice system in the US is a step by step legal procedure that entails private citizens, legal institutions, and law enforcers. As such, each party has a role to play in bringing Justice to the victim(s) of crime.

Private Citizens play a key role towards implementation of the 1st step of the criminal procedure; they respond to crimes omitted by suspected offenders to law enforcers. “Citizens take part directly in the criminal Justice process by reporting crime to the police, by being a reliable participant (for example, a witness or a Juror) in a criminal proceeding and by accepting the disposition of the system as Just or reasonable” (Bureau of Justice Statistics). Some of the private citizens that report crimes are the victims of the crime committed.

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After crime has been reported either by police or the citizens, law enforcement agencies e. G. FBI take action by identifying and apprehending the suspect. Apprehending may be done immediately upon reports, or after thorough investigation have been carried out. After the arrest, the suspect is then accused to a prosecutor who decides whether the accusations are within the court’s Jurisdiction or not. In case the suspect is charged with the criminal acts, he/she is taken before a judge for a pre-trial to determine whether there is probable cause that a crime was committed in a preliminary hearing.

Where there is sufficient evidence against the suspect, the suspect is issued with an indictment, and is subject to immediate arrest by security personnel as they await a trial. During the trial a verdict is made either by the Judge or a grand Jury to determine whether the suspect is guilty of crime or not. If guilty, the necessary legal sentencing and/or fines are stated; it could be imprisonment or monetary fines. Distinguish between the laws relating to the use of force by public police and private security Public police are public security employees that have been hired by the overspent to make that communities are free of crime.

Private security on the other hand refers to guards and security officers that are employed by companies, private citizens, and business to protect them and their assets. Public police are allowed to question and make arrests but there is a limit in the manner in which they conduct the search, and force they use to do so. The exclusionary rule restricts police from unreasonable searches or seizures. “The purpose of the Exclusionary Rule is to deter police misconduct.

It is a Judge-made rule designed to protect the Fourth Amendment right against unreasonable searches and seizures” (Del, 2010). Private security employees are limited to observations and reporting crimes, and are therefore not allowed to make arrests or use force on suspects. Criminal Justice By numbing Del, C. R. V. (2010). Criminal procedure: Law and practice. Belmont, CA: Headwords Coinage Learning. The Justice System. (n. D. ). Bureau of Justice Statistics (BBS) . Retrieved July 4, 2013, from http://www. B]s. Gob/content/]status. CFML

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