Criminal Justice Assignment

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In the process, I pulled out some memories that didn’t want, and they frightened me even more??–this was, and still is, an unsolved yester! My book is not a typical true crime read, in that it does not have a court room scene, nor does it have a prosecution of a murderer. It is an unsolved murder mystery in true form. There are suspects; some of which stand out plainly, and some that lurk as the unnamed acquaintances that were just there—- ones that no one may ever remember.

There are many unanswered questions in the murder of Christine Classical, but the ones that look you in the eye and stare you down are the ones that haunt me…. Like, why would two Lass Vegas homicide detectives walk into a gruesome scene of a partially naked woman hanging half. Ay into a water filled bathtub; her head submerged and covered up by the bed comforter, and then walk away casually and never have it declared a homicide? If they had, it would today be an official cold case, but it isn’t—-it is forgotten.

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Christine Classical is forgotten-??-that is why I wrote my book. About the Author: Vive been writing in various capacities all my life. Having been a four time entrepreneur and small business owner for thirty years, most of my writing has been for sales, marketing and promotional purposes. As a teen I wrote poetry. Who Killed Christy was started in 2006, and with no real aspirations of publication at that time, it languished along and sat on my desk. After Amazon self publishing came along, got more ambitious with my goals of publishing my book.

It turned into a six year journey until I finally finished the book. The research end of it was a daunting task for many years. Will now be writing memoirs. My next book is a series of three, possibly five books in the Boomer Woman Diaries series, and will also be featured on Amazon Kindle. You can follow Beverly on Twitter References dip/1480023647 References Anderson, Charles & Johnson (2003). The impressive psychology paper. Chicago: Lucerne Publishing. Smith, M. 2001 Writing a successful paper. The Trey Research Monthly, 53, 149-150.

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