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There are several different careers to choose from in the criminal Justice field. I was unsure of which direction to go in until I Joined the military. One of the career paths that interest me is a career in the military. My second choice would be outside of the military. The two professions that interest me the most is OSI (Office of Special Investigations) and DEAD (Diversion Investigator). Both of these Jobs have many comparisons and some differences. The first Job that interest me the most is Office of Special Investigations.

OSI is an officer or an enlisted Job in the United States Air Force. Basically, you have to plan and conduct investigations. They interview witnesses and interrogate people who is suspected of committing a violation of the JACM (Uniform Code of Military Justice). This Job consists of many responsibilities such as conducting lineups and fingerprint suspects, write reports, provide testimony at court proceedings, and participate in surveillances and crime scene searches. Some of the skills needed to perform this job is great writing and speaking skills.

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Also you need to have qualification to bear firearms. The reason why this is important, because all knowledge is mandatory of special investigative policy. Also techniques in fraud, counterintelligence, personnel background, and technical security services are demanded as well. Other skills needed for the criminal Justice field that coincides are driving skills, report-writing abilities, and significant weapon skills (p 205 Schmeltzer). Other qualifications is to pass the United States military physical fitness test and their background check.

You eave to be physically fit to perform this Job and maintain criminal free record. The second Job that interest me is a Diversion Investigator. This Job is part of the Drug Enforcement Administration. You have to perform many duties such as examine the accounts of manufactures, pharmacies, and hospitals. Conducting security breaches, investigating the misuse of pharmaceutical prescriptions, and retrieving contraband is also part of the career field. Their mission is to enforce the controlled substances laws and regulations of the U. S. ND bring it to the criminal and civil justice systems. They have many responsibilities such as proper investigation, prepare for prosecutions of major violated crimes, manage the drug intelligence program, and conduct a professional work environment at all times. Some of the skills that are required is to have the ability to gather research and analyze data, interpreting regulations, and the ability to communicate. Some of the criminal Justice skills needed is having administrative skills, management techniques and radio communication skills (p 205 Schmeltzer).

With this profession you have to pass a aground check, pass a drug test and be physically fit. In some cases, you may have to relocate. In conclusion, the skills listed for both Jobs are needed to accomplish the mission. They are required to help prepare a potential investigator for the real world. It enables you to perform at optimal levels of extreme and stressful situations. These career fields inspire me because, the very skills needed to perform the Job are parallel to my professional long term goals in numerous ways. With both Jobs, you need great communication skills are the foundation of the mission.

Being able to Career in Criminal Justice be doing a great amount of writing and a whole lot of public speaking. Testifying in court will be often for you. The reason why I am interested in OSI is because I am already a part of a career field that is similar and will be able to advance in the military as an investigator. The reason I would be interested in DEAD is because, I have great management skills and will maintain an ambitious attitude to protect the United States military and civilian population from misuse of drugs.

The strategies I would use to achieve the skills needed for the Jobs I selected is the criminal investigations strategy and the emergency response strategy (p 212 Schmeltzer). The criminal investigation strategy is the manner by which a hearing of evidences involving to an existing delinquency is amassed. This could be leading up to an apprehension. The emergency response is the manifestation of a cop at an event when there is an instant threat at hand. Both of these strategies will be of use to achieve the skills needed for my career choices.

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