Why the Industrial Revolution happened in Great Britain? Assignment

Why the Industrial Revolution happened in Great Britain? Assignment Words: 711

This urban transformation was the beginning of creating the world we live in today. But why did the Industrial Revolution OCCUr first in England and not somewhere else in the world? Historians describe an influence of many factors and they do not agree on which are most important. First of the reasons of the Industrial Revolution in the UK was the use of energy. Coal was the fuel, which propel the revolution. Britain’s advantage was possession of great amounts of it that could be easily mined. Earlier wood has been the main source of energy.

It was used to fuel homes and small industries. But as the population grew, so did the demand for timber. Because forests were cut own the way of transporting wood to the cities was more difficult therefore more expensive. Coal was much more efficient form of power than wood. Britain unlike other European countries had the coal mines near the sea what made easier the transport of it by ships to London, the most important market. The Enlightenment and Scientific Revolution encode raged scholars and craftspeople to apply new scientific thinking to mechanical and technological challenges.

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Over the previous 100 years, There was a large number of scientific breakthroughs that took place in the country . Sir Isaac Newton was able to explain the force of gravity for the first time. Robert Bayle showed that air and gas had physical properties. There was a productive exchange of scientific and technological ideas. And Britain, unlike many European countries, did not suffer censorship by Church or state. Not only there were lots of new discoveries but alongside them there was a growing movement of people, trying to find practical applications for these new discoveries.

Industrialists and scientists met to share ideas and observations in the Industrial Enlightenment. There was a wave of free thinking and reiterative. Britain also had the right political background for free-market capitalism. Government Policies in England toward property and commerce encouraged innovation and the spread of global trade. The government created patent laws that allowed inventors to benefit financially from the “intellectual property’ Of their inventions.

The British government also encouraged global trade by expanding the Ana to protect trade and granting the companies so they would explore the world to find resources. In Britain people believed that through industrial production they could create untold lath – and the government believed that it was its responsibility to make this happen. The Mind Austria Revolution represented a shift in influence away from the traditional power-holders in England. Aristocratic rule was no longer supreme. Manufacturers were now often more wealthy and more important to the nation’s overall well being.

They also employed a far greater percentage of the national economy. Often, the aristocracy, trying to take power away from the manufacturers, would ally with the working class. In its impact on human societies, the industrial revolution was probably the most important change in its era. The Industrial Revolution allowed increasing arbitration and greatly increased the overall wealth and production power of humanity. Another reason of the Industrial Revolution happening in England, was the location. Europe was a birthplace of new ideas, technologies and creativity.

The efficiency of agriculture allowed to grow population, free up labor for tasks besides food production, urbanize and create advanced technology. Among the Western European countries, Britain was the ideal incubator for the Industrial Revolution because an “Agricultural Revolution” preceded it. Industrialization was most prominent in Europe. Capitalism and the Industrial Revolution went hand-in-hand with the Western European countries’ liberal traditions. Many of the same principles underlying the French Revolution were being developed by the Industrial Revolution in Britain.

Industrialization nations developed middle classes. The Industrial Revolution gave Western Europe the economic system and technology to dominate much of the world in the colonial period towards the end of the 19th century. The countries that did not transition to industrial systems very quickly got left behind, and often ended up being dependent to the major powers. The industrial revolution happened in Britain as the country was developing many new inventions due to the availability of raw materials and new ideas.

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