Why Industrial Revolution began in Britain Assignment

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The industrial revolution began in Britain because England had plenty of coal which was easy to mine as its mines were near the beach, so ships could carry coal to important markets for a cheap price. That’s what had kicked started the industrial revolution. Wood use to be the main source of energy in Britain which would be used as fuel for homes and small industries. As the population grew, so did the need for a lot of timber.

Forests were cut down and wood was having to be carried long distances to reach towns, its bulky and difficult way of transport was the reason that coal began to become a more trust worthy way of power, providing more than three times more energy the timber. The demand for coal meant deeper and deeper mines that had a very high risk of flooding and to make sure that we could keep using this wonderful fuel we had to find a necessary way to pump water out of the mines.

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Horse drawn pumps were a temporary pump as it would only pump 90 feet, limiting the amount of coal that could be mined. Although coal was a major element of the beginning of the industrial revolution but a specific industry helped with the triggering of the industrial revolution. The textile Industry. Making cloth, by hand, for pants, shirts, socks, bedspreads and other items had always required lots of skill and time. As we already knew the population had grew in England, more people needed and re were willing to buy more textile goods.

The cottage industry could produce a small amount of clothing in their homes through spinning and weaving cloth by hand. The basic system could not keep up with the growing demands of England’s growing population. Instead, in the late 18th century, a series of alterations shifted in the textile production to a new factory system. Cotton became one of the world’s most important non-food agricultural product and it remains so to this day.

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