The League of Nations and the Depression. Assignment

The League of Nations and the Depression. Assignment Words: 432

1. How did economic recovery help the League? The economic recovery meant that the main leadership of the League were stronger, so therefore, were able to dedicate more time to the League and its cause. Within the league, countries’ industries were rebuilding, employment was increasing, and international trade was increasing, which all were some of the main aims of the League, making everybody happier and able to put more trust in the League.

Finally, the economic recovery meant that international relations were better and friendlier, proving better for everyone, especially countries in the League as trade was easier. 2. How did the Depression make the work of the League more difficult? The depression meant that the USA was asking for its loans to be repaid, money which many countries didn’t have. In and out of the League it meant that there was less international trade and decreased unemployment which damaged economies badly. Then, protectionist tariffs were introduced to protect trade within countries.

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Protectionist tariffs were taxes introduced so products bought from aboard had to have taxes paid on them. This alluded to people buying things in their countries, so that the country’s economy was based in itself, damaging international trade. This all came together to make hostility between countries with trade disputes. All of these made it hardest for the League to make changes, as not only do they have their own problems, but they also have a lot of problems to deal with to do with what the League was built to, and expected to do. . Write down one example for each of the following countries of how the Depression affected their attitude to international relations: * Britain ??? suffered high unemployment. It was not willing to getting involved sorting out international disputes while its economy was suffering. * USA ??? The USA was unwilling to support the economic sanctions when its own trade was in such a mess. * Germany ??? In Germany, unemployment and poverty lead people to elect the Nazis, who promised to solve economic and social problems.

Adolf Hitler and the Nazis made no secret of their plan to overturn the Treaty of Versailles and regain lost German territory. * Italy ??? In Italy, economic problems encouraged Mussolini to try to build and overseas empire to distract people’s attention away from the difficulties the government face. * Japan ??? In Japan, the Depression threatened a complete collapse of the country’ industry. It led the Japanese to take over Manchuria ??? part of China. * France ??? Worried about the changing situation in Germany, France began building a series of frontier defences on is border with Germany.

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