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Angelic signed her after he listened to her tape, and Don has started her real career. Although Don succeeded in her career with her Greene albums, she desired to be popular in America. She received advice from Angelic and published her first English album in 1990. Luckily, her songs spread all around the world, and she became one Of the most famous singers of the world. Meanwhile, she did not forget contribute back to society, and she did many charities such as she raised over $200,000 Of her wedding for charity.

Challenges: She did not have enough money for her career at the beginning. Her fans did not accept the 26 year difference in Don and her husband. She had language and culture barriers. Critics complained that she sang inexpressively. 1993, Don was deeply affected by her niece’s death. 1999, her husband had been diagnosed with throat cancer. Achievements: By age 18, she has 9 albums and toured around the world. Became the highest levels of pop stardom at age 30. She has sold more than ISO million copies, Best- selling French album in 1932. Her song ” My heart will go on” became the all-time biggest selling Contributions: Her wedding raised over 5200, COO for the charity. Source #2: http://en. Wisped. Org/w/index. PH? Title=Cline_Don=yes Cline Don, who is a Canadian singer, was born on March 30, 1968; into a large family from Quebec. On August 13, 1973, she had her first public appearance in her brother’s wedding. In 1980, she recorded her first tape, and her brother sent it to Rene Angelic, a music manager. Angelic was so impressed and decided to mortgage his home to finance her first record “La voice du bon Died”.

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In 1390. She has overcame the language barrier to published her first English album “Unison”, which brought her success. She left her height of her success to spend time with her family in 1399 and came back to the top in 2002. She became famous and successful early after her first record and received several rewards such as Diamond Award, numerous Felix Awards. She also did many charities and became the major supporter Of some foundation such as TX. Martini Foundation. Challenges: Turned from French singer to English singer. Had financial problems. In 1999, her husband had problem With his health. She lost her adolescence. Although she was succeed, critical reviews suggested her album was “forgettable” and the lyrics were “lifeless” Achievements: Gained international recognition in the sass. Achieved worldwide fame after singing with Epic Records and releasing. Is the best-selling Canadian artist of all-time. Is the second best-selling female in IS the only female artist to have two singles sell more than 1 million copies in the ELK, 1983, received a gold record in France. 395, album Deed’s is the best-selling French-language of all-time. 2004, presented with the Chopped Diamond Award sass, soft rock music that quickly influence adult people. Actively supported many charity organizations, worldwide organizations. She has promoted the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation since 1982. 2003, supported “World Children’s Day” She raised money from 100 nations and benefited orphanages and children’s health organizations. Has been the major supporter of the T. J. Martial Foundation, the Diana Princess Of Wales Memorial F-undo, many health and educational campaigns.

During aftermath of Hurricane Strain, she donated 51 million to the victims. $1 millions for the victims Of the 2004 Asian Tsunami. SOCIO,OHO to China Children & Teenagers’ Fund. Source #3: http://wigwagging. Com/musician’s. NSF/Cline. Don-Biography /DABBLE 1526225448256854001 CHAFF summary Cline Don, who was born on March 30, 1968 is a great singer. Because she is from a musical family, she has acquired musical education since she was a baby, When she was 12, she made her tape tort her mother, and her brother sent her tape for Rene Angelic, who was a famous manager and producer.

Fortunately, she got a contract trot Angelic and started her career. In her early career, she just pushed French Album, and these songs became popular all over the world, Her first English album, cooperated with David Foster, was in 1990. Later, she sang many famous English songs such as the theme soundtrack of “Beauty and the Beast”, “My heart will go on” in the movie Titanic. She has won many rewards including some most honor rewards such as the National Order of Quebec. Genial-her husband, 26 years her senior, had divorces his second wife during the 1 9805.

Achievements: Has recorded 3 French albums and won numerous Felix and Junco awards by age 18. The theme song “Beauty and the Beast” won both a Grammar and an Academy award. 1996, performed in Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia. Din’s “Falling into you” won Grammar Awards for Album Of the Year and Best Pop Album. 1998, received the National Order of Quebec. In late 1998, she won 6 awards including Album, Artist Of the Year. 1999, in honor of the new millennium.

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