Religious Beliefs in Mesopotamia vs Ancient Egypt Assignment

Religious Beliefs in Mesopotamia vs Ancient Egypt Assignment Words: 366

Compare and contrast the religious beliefs of the people of Mesopotamia and the people of Egypt. One major deference in the religious beliefs of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia was there belief in eternal life. Mesopotamia believed that once you died, you then ceased to exist in any world and there was no afterlife. On the contrary, Egyptians went to great lengths to preserve the dead In order for them to flourish In the afterlife. Once a person died, depend on their class, their body was mummified, which allowed them to enter the afterlife.

Pharaohs could spend their whole lives designing and planning a tomb or pyramid to be buried in. Once they had died, their body was burled with all of their possessions because of the belief that they would be needed in the afterlife. Often, food, slaves, and even favorite pets were buried too. Episodes of culture transmission of agriculture and technology are blatantly obvious throughout the paraplegics era. Choose one of the following agriculture or technological advances and explain hoe it was transmitted from one specific culture o another (or several others), and how that new knowledge affected the receiving civilization (ii.

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Their success in overthrowing neighbors, their population growth, growth In commerce, etc. ) Write one to two paragraphs describing this process. – Bronze Metallurgy In Egypt, the transfer from stone to bronze had a huge impact their culture. Bronze greatly strengthened Egypt military, which allowed them to defend themselves, and over through other neighboring cultures. The bronze allowed them to create new weapons and strengthen the ones they were already using. Another aspect of the growth of bronze metallurgy was the trade aspect.

Bronze was the Idea material for these weapons due to Its strength. This Invention greatly affected many other cultures as well. As bronze metallurgy grew, Egypt strength and power grew. Its neighboring regions were threatened by their power. There were unlikely to over through Egypt power but highly likely to be overtaken themselves. After a while, other cultures began to adopt the ideas of Egyptian weapons. The concept of bronze metallurgy significantly affected Egypt and its surrounding empires.

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