Positive and negative effects of the Industrial Revolution. Assignment

Positive and negative effects of the Industrial Revolution. Assignment Words: 323

The course of the Industrial Revolution was fast paced. From the steam engine to replaceable parts to factory working, more and more ideas came to light. It was the most widespread, influential transformation of civilized life since the creation of agriculture thousands of years before. It has forever changed the way we live and view life and how we conduct business and work. It was the start of large business, rapid growth of cities, and wealth for some.

With that many good things came, as well as many bad. New inventions, new working methods, and greater spread of goods were some of the benefits, but with that also came child labor, worker abuse, and a monopoly on the spread of wealth. With inventions like replaceable parts, it was no longer necessary to have a skilled craftsman make and replace parts for things like guns. An industrial worker could produce more products quicker and better made in less time than it took a skilled craftsman.

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With this quicker production came more pollution, and forced labor for lower payment. Children had to work so the families had enough to eat, families had to live in polluted slums so they could afford rent, and poverty struck millions of people. From these hardships came a greater good that learned to regulate and control the common wealth. Because of the Industrial revolution many people could afford items that were once limited to the wealthy, but at the cost of poverty in other parts of he country.

From the cruel treatment of workers during this time, came regulated hours and a minimum wage. From mass production came cheaper goods and a wider spread of products to more people. The Industrial Revolution brought many positive things to the world, new inventions, new social systems, and new methods of work. It also brought many negative things like child labor.

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