Peloponnesian War vs Assignment

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This then caused the war to be viewed as the first Great War between two separate militaries. This then focuses us on the inclusion of the Vietnam War. Many similarities and differences can be seen through the two and all have great variants between both wars. In this report I will dwell on the similarities and differences that occurred through the Peloponnesus War and Vietnam War. When I first look at the Peloponnesus War, I see a very troubling precedent. There were two sides that were just able to drive out the Persians from Greece, but both had equal parts of it.

Sparta was able to dominate the land, while the Athenians were more dominant on the sea. With teamwork and effort they would have been unstoppable to stop, and they may still be running to this day from my perspective. However, when things seem to be working perfectly, there must always be something that decimates the good things. For that of the Greek empire, both the Athenians and Spartan felt like they could take advantage of one another hence leading to the gutful Peloponnesus War. This is much like the Vietnam War due to how South and North Vietnam both seemed to make valuable teammates.

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The relations ended however, due to the hunger for more land and power. The name Vietnam War gets its name from the battling that would then occur following a severe disagreement between two nations. This then led to the War. When the Peloponnesus War began, there were many differences in cultures and religions, but the two sides battle methods were very similar. Then were great with using their hands and experts in armed combat. Athena mans seemed to be more skilled at archery and seafaring, while the Spartan had a much greater skill in armor and shield use.

Due to these two ides having advantages on each other, I believe that they were in need of greater improvements on the armory. Some historians believe that the Spartan came to the idea of boarding the ships of the Athenians, enabling them to overtake them by surprise. Moreover, the Athenians were able to come to the conclusion of using gases to overtake the Spartan shields. Through these improvements and highly advanced philosophies on warfare, this War became one of the greatest wars in the eyes of Historians.

We cannot be sure Of what really happened, but it is said that there many improvements that occurred in warfare during this time period. Gas warfare is the greatest example, due to how many countries used this during the World Wars. The Vietnam War was equally brutal as they were enabled to use gases to clean the vegetation found around them. This led to many villages getting sick or diseased and the war was to be fought in equally civilized areas. The bombing tactics of both sides were recon sized as the greatest ever recorded, and many times it is considered the most brutal war in history because of these improvements and enhancements.

Both the Peloponnesus War and Vietnam War ended in the similar manner. The two wars were ended through one final large battle that dissipated the war efforts of one side. The final battles in each also ended with a war hero dying , making the sides question their ability to fight anymore, other wars. The Peloponnesus and Vietnam War has many more similarities and differences, but these are the greatest that I could think of. The history of the Peloponnesus War is really what dives other wars, as some of the greatest ideas came from it. This concludes my report.

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