Neo-Impressionism Assignment

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Neo-lmpressionism BY dom8271 Neo-lmpressionism was founded in 1886 by the artist Georges Seurat. Nothing significant was going on during that time. The term was coined by the French art critic Felix Feneon. He saw Seurat’s masterpiece, A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande latte and immediately noticed the individualism of the painting. He called it Neo-lmpressionism. This art period was around until 1935. It was a very unique type of painting style as it incorporated tiny dots of color on luminescent surfaces.

Neo-lmpressionist paintings were usually painted indoors in studios instead of outside like Impressionism. It’s a very organized style, not spontaneous in technique like other styles. It usually looked artificial because the paintings have lifelessness in them making them look like fake landscapes or figures. Neo-lmpressionism branched out another type of painting style called pointillism. Because they both used the same techniques of tiny dots in one area, it was very popular to the audience of critics.

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Another name for it was Divisionism; they both had similar brush strokes so they are referred to by the same name many times. Georges Seurat was the inventor of Neo-lmpressionism. He used Pointillism in many of his paintings. He wasn’t fixed on the fact that he has to get all the colors right. He mixed the colors until he found a tone that would match the picture perfectly. He would also have models stay still while he painted but he would not make him wait through the whole process.

He would sketch parts of the picture and ave the image in mind so that he could work uninterrupted. This painting is called A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte. It was painted using Pointillism and very precise use of dots of paint. It depicts exactly what the title says, a Sunday afternoon in a park filled with people. There are many people sitting or standing in this picture. You can see trees, grass, the sky, a lake, animals, boats, people; anything that you would see in a park, you can see here.

If you look closely, you can see that the image has some very meticulous work done on it. There are shadows that line up perfectly with the person and trees that are painted with precision. Everything looks almost perfect. Seurat used bright, luminescent colors to compliment the actual painting. It looks like a very nice and Joyful scene. It was painted in 1886. Georges used his own style on it and made it look exactly like how it would look in real life-except he made it look artificial. By looking at the painting, you can see that it looks cartoonish.

It looks like someone took characters ut from an animated movie and placed them on the canvas. When I look at the paining, I feel a sense of happiness. It’s very bright and filled with people and animals. I also notice that one of the men has a monkey for a pet which I find quite funny. The overall painting makes me somewhat claustrophobic. I feel like there are too many different things in it. Too many trees, too many boats, too much people; everything has been crammed on one canvas and frankly it’s quite annoying. I do like it because it makes me happy and bright inside.

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