Minimum Wage and Mahatma Gandhi National Assignment

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This act was disparaged by people as it was thought of no effectiveness than other acts which were running in the system. Every act/effort passed in the favor of people should not be Just enacted & left to float away! It has to be seen that it is carried out successfully all around. * Corruption! It is seen that whatever may be the issue in India, corruption is always the part of it. People say that they are often not paid, fewer wages are paid, they have to bribe the officer to get a Job, their cards re used by other officers, dead people are also paid, etc…

I think corruption is responsible for more than 80% of the failure of this act. * It is also seen that the quality of work done by the unskilled labor is poor as compared to any skilled labor. People are not taught any new skills so that they can improve their quality of work & sustain their work for a longer period. * And the important one is that despite of such programs migration from rural areas to urban area is not reduced. HTTPS://www. Faceable. Com/misinterpretations

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To conclude, I think that this initiative is a better, almost best way to support the Indian society but people should change their way of thinking & try to support this development. Corruption should be barred from it. Mentality should be changed. Just implementing such programs is not enough but they should be supported with dedication to help people as a social & humanly cause. It will provide a bridge to India towards becoming a Super Power! Thank You! Minimum Wage and Mahatma Gandhi National By Lovelace

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