Leonardo da Vinci and Nikola Tesla Assignment

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Would not be as ideal as it is now. As a result, a person who has no imagination in his life is dull. Two inventors, Leonardo dad Vinci and Nikolas Tests through their inventions both men made significant contributions to the quality of man’s life. Because of their unique imagination, they produced numerous devices we currently could not live without. Although they were both intelligent inventors, they differed greatly regarding their invention, achievement, and their unusual eccentricities. To begin with, dad Vinci and Tests both created different inventions through out their ivies, which affected society greatly.

Dad Vinci, a genius, created many drawing for others. One of his drawings, the hygrometer monitors the humidity around the moisture-sensitive paintings. Dad Vinci not only invented the hygrometer, but also invented other things. Dad Vinci invented a diving apparatus with a snorkel attachment to use against the Turkish fleet. On the other hand, Tests also invented many great things throughout his life. One of Teasel’s inventions influenced everyone in the world. This great invention was the AC motor, which allowed the entire world o have electrical power.

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Beside the AC motor, Tests also invented the Tests Coil, which converts low-voltage electricity into a high-voltage spark. This invention improved society significantly. Both these men provided the world with different inventions when impacted society in a beneficial way. In addition to differing in the kinds of inventions they created, they also differed in their achievement. Dad Vine’s achievements were mostly in his artwork and drawing. One of his achievements was the world’s best-known painting, the Mona Lisa, but it as later despised by Michelangelo.

Another one of dad Vine’s achievements in his artwork was his last drawing before he died, which dealt with the apocalyptic visions of the world destroyed by a great deluge. This was his last achievement before he passed away. Most of his other achievements were associated with the military. Unlike dad Vinci, Tests had different achievements through out his life. One of his achievements was he invented the first radio-wave transmitter which could beam radio waves to Europe. This transmitter later was copied by the Italian Gullied

Marion who invented a simpler one and sent radio signals across the Atlantic. In 191 5, Tests sued Marion for convention of a radio patent. The same year when Tests died the Supreme Court ruled once more that Tests, not Marion, had invented the first radio-wave transmitter. Although these two inventors had different achievement in their life but all of them are very important to the world. Finally, these two unique men differed in their eccentricities. Dad Vinci, who looked as normal as other human beings, had incredible eyesight.

He was able to see super sat swirling water and turbulent motions that would not even be revealed to ordinary people, unless there was a slow-motion camera present. This was a rare and he was also a very strong person. He could bend a horseshoe Just by his two bare hands. His strength was unbelievable. Tests, on the other hand had different eccentricities. Tests had a photographic memory. He was able to visualize mechanical devices precisely without drawing them. This unique genius could Just look at a person for a few seconds and remember exactly what that person were and looked eke.

The kind of eccentricity dad Vinci and Tests possessed was very unique. Hardly anyone on this earth today can compare. In conclusion, although Rousseau did not have Leonardo dad Vinci and Nikolas Tests in mind when he spoke he was correct to believe that imagination makes life happier, but he would mostly agree that both men had extraordinary imagination, which brought about improvements in modern life. Their inventions, achievements and unusual eccentricities made them both an extraordinary person in history.

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