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Running Head: INTERVIEW NURSE MANAGER Interview Nurse Manager Name: Course: College: Tutor: Date: Interview Nurse Manager Abstract Nursing is one field that requires special attention for it really determines the quality of life of the patient in and out of the hospital. This paper will highlight and discuss on of the management problems that face the nursing industry. For one to be in apposition to do there needs to be a research carried out so that accurate information on the many problems that face the nursing industry can be highlighted. In the paper, one Ms. Karen, a nurse at a surgical center will be interviewed.

During this interview that the right information about the center will be gathered and thus one of the management problems will be identified. Once this problem is identified, there will be sought ways to fix the problem so that the life of the patient and the better running of the surgical center can be attained. Introduction The nature of the surgical work is very delicate. This puts many challenges to this demanding profession. It is thus the duty of the personnel entrusted with the life of the populace to do all that is within their ability to protect or even better the life of the patients they receive.

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Though with the expertise the personnel in this field are endowed with, there are some cases where they get subjected to situations that need intervention. To assist in this research will be one Ms. Karen who is a nurse at the Seattle (Zimmerman, 2006). Her work is to manage a surgical center that has evolved over quite a number of years. It is during the interview with this lady that the information to be discussed below was gathered. At the time when Karen started working at the center, it had only operation room and the personnel in terms of the registered nurses were only four.

Currently, there are two operation rooms and a smaller operation room or procedure room. The organization has also made improvements in the center for there are at least 30 registered nurses, scrub technicians and MA’s. This makes this facility to require better and well structured organization. The problems the center encountered at the time of its initiation to the present will provide a clear basis of the type of the management problem in nursing. The analysis of the problems will help come up with a solution that will be long-lasting.

As a manger in the nursing industry, one is entitled to have the resilience needed since the task is very involving. Our interviewers’ position will put things into perspective at the end of the interview. The organizations mission is to provide the highest quality surgical care in a safe, comfortable and caring environment. The vision of the center is to be the preferred outpatient, staff, and surgeons in the region. The quality of life is determined by the ability to afford good and safe food and water to eat. There is also one major thing that makes life really worth living.

A disease free populace has the ability to produce maximally. A society that is unhealthy is a major blow to the economy of that particular society and the nation at large (Zimmerman, 2006). This organization which is a healthy center offers these kinds of services to the population around it. It does all that it can to ascertain the populace that their health needs are catered for at an affordable price. With the varied types of services offered at the organizations, it makes the management of the facility to be a challenge. Among the many services offered include surgery and general health care.

The role of a nurse as a manager is one of the demanding tasks in this filed. The provision of the health care that the patients require is left at the hands of the nurses and most times, it the duty of the nurse to make sure that the patient is comfortable. The identification of a nursing management problem and its resolving is one area that needs a lot of research. This research has identified that health care services are developing not only at the rate at which the innovation and need for the services has, but at also in reaction to a large-scale shift in the direction of health care that is based on the population.

The role of the nurse manager is to make sure that there is quality in the nursing care. One major role is the patient safety. There is nothing of importance whenever dealing with patients than the patients safety (Zimmerman, 2006). It will be of no use to treat a patient while there is no safety provided to them for them to be comfortable. Organizing for this safety is all the role of the manager. Giving the patient he best is the whole duty of health care. The nurse manager is entitled to organize for everything within the nursing environment to make sure that there are no inconveniences while attending to the patients.

What we learnt with the nurse at the center is that there is a problem in continuously maintaining the desired culture i. e. the best personalized care of the practice. Continuous improvement is one area that is hard to realize in any field of production. It will be agreed that there are several problems associated with quality production. As a center that is dealing with health care to the populace, the center finds itself stuck at the demand of the services by the community. The populace will not understand that there is this kind of problem.

It will rather see the personnel at the center incompetent and thus start loosing trust in them. In the field of medicine and general care for the patient, research has shown that the patient is always in dire need of personalized care (Zimmerman, 2006). This means that it is the duty of the manager at the center to have systems in place to cater for this. The problem the center is facing at the moment is because of failure of the manager to realize the importance of the continuous personalized care to the patient.

The patient will recover soon if this is availed to them. Once this lacks, it becomes quite hard for the one leading a certain organization to come up with a sound finality of the status of the organization. Nurse Managers have experienced this problem over the past years as research has shown (Zimmerman, 2006). The word delicate here is used in the sense that surgery is a process that requires keenness of the highest order and a slight mistake might mean a lot, even loosing a life is possible.

After talking at length with the nurse manager, it was found out that the center though equipped was faced with this great problem as far as management is concerned. The kind of a relationship that exists between the patient and the nurses who spend most of the time with the patient is very important. One finds that once there is this mistake, the running of the organization becomes a problem that cannot be avoided for it can even collapse the whole organization. The solution to this great problem that the center was facing could be solved in a number of ways.

The provision of the continuous personalized care needs the cooperation of everyone in the whole organization. To really solve this particular problem, it was suggested that the following solution could work (Zimmerman, 2006). All the levels of the organization needed to be evaluated. This would be inclusive of the staff input. There was the need for the continuous feedback to all levels of the organization. Lastly, it was found that there was the need for the implementation of some kind of incentive program that will involve everyone.

This is translated to the fact that the profit sharing is a major thing that is required in the organization so that the whole staff can feel like part and parcel of the organization thus work with motivation. Other problems discussed include the inadequacy of funds to make the expansion of the facility and buy advanced or rather modern facilities for surgery. It can therefore be concluded that there is need for the betterment of the kind of leadership in the organization. Reference Zimmerman, A. (2006). Toward a Unified Voice: Individual and Collective Responsibility of Nurses: Journal of Nursing Management, 3(5), 475-483.

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