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The capitalist class, which owned the means of production, promoted vision of labor to maximize their profits and to disemboweled workers. Division Of labor to maximize their profits and to disemboweled workers. Alienation. He believed everyone Was born with a creative spirit, I. E. Species In sociology the word culture means the totality of learned, socially transmitted knowledge. It can be defined as the ways of thinking, the ways of acting and material objects that together shape a persons way of life. Material culture refers to physical culture artifacts, I. E. Things that you can touch, cars, handbags and clothes.

Non-material culture refers to artifact that exists in a culture, e. G. Norms, values, religion rules, moral language and knowledge. In sociology this is referred to several processes that a culture uses to shape its member’s members thoughts, feeling and behaviors. Abortion is considered part of non-material culture because it is an artifact that exists in cultures its something that can’t be touch. Many religions view abortion as a sin due to the fact that abortion is the termination of an early pregnancy by various methods; religions view it as the killing of a life.

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Others just view it as moral issues despise the legality of abortion. Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy by the removal or expulsion of a fetus from the UterUS. It can OCCUr in two ways purposely which is the term abortion refers to or it can occur unexpectedly, which is considered a miscarriage. It is done in ways medically in a clinic or with pills. Abortion falls into values and religion rules because many people believe it is something that shouldn’t be done because who are we to take a life away, and as previously stated others view it as murder because a fetus is consider a life from the moment it is conceived.

According to Julie Cline in the article Abortion” from the Chicago Tribute, the controversy over abortion is incredible still until this day; people against abortion are trying there best to change the fact that abortion is legal. But according to Cline others believes abortion has its benefits. Studies show teen pregnancy has gone up in the last few years and that more than 300,000 teens receive abortions, that is equal to 1/3 of the abortions performed yearly. This article states abortion should stay legal because it keeps unwanted children from coming into this world and teens from ruining their futures.

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