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Spiritual Seminary, which trained him to be a priest. While he was there, he s secretly became infatuated with reading the work of Karl Marx, “Communist Manifesto. ” Josef interest steadily increased, and in 1 899 he claimed he was expelled from the Seminary for Mar exist Propaganda. After Stalin left the school, he joined the militant Bolshevik wing of the Marxism t Social Democratic movement, which was led by Vladimir Lenin. Stalin became an UN detergent political revolutionary who took part in strikes, propaganda distribution, bank heists, and ordered assassinations.

He was arrested multiple times and was ultimately ex lied to, and imprisoned in, Siberia. He escaped often times, and was moved up in the rank s of the Bolsheviks. Josef married his first wife, Catering Spavined, in 1906. She died of typhus in 1907, shortly after their son, Yak, was born. Yak died in 1943 as a prisoner of G errand In World War II. Stalin’s second wife, Endeared Alluvial, was a daughter of anon there Russian Revolutionary with whom he had several children. This marriage did not last Eng though, ad Endeared committed suicide a few years later.

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In 1 912 Vladimir Lenin, who was exiled in Switzerland, appointed Stalin to seer eve on the first Central Committee of the Bolshevik Party. The Bolsheviks seized Russ IA in 1917 and was made the Soviet Union in 1922. Lenin was the first leader of the Soviets, a ND by this point Stalin became secretary general of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, with which he gained political support. In 1924, Lenin died and Stalin won a power struggle against Nikolas Buchanan, Level Kinsmen, Alexei Rooky, Mikhail Tomboy, Leon Trotsky, a ND Gregory Genevieve.

By the late 1 sass, Stalin was in control of the Communist Party and was the dictator of the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union underwent several longtime plans launched by Stalin to tar misinform it from a overstocking country to an industrial giant. He insisted on a govern interconnected economy and on the government taking control farms. Citizens who refuse d to comply with Josephs orders were brutally murdered or exiled. Millions of people died of FAA mine because of the agriculture control. Stalin ruled by striking terror in citizens and possible opponents.

He set up a s secret police and encouraged citizens to spy on one another in order to eliminate an Y possible uprising or opposition. Millions Of people were forced into labor or killed if Joss pep considered them a threat. Joseph essentially built a cult around himself by renaming cite s in his honor, having textbooks rewritten to promote him, and tying himself into the Soviet’s culture. In 1 939, Joseph Stalin and Doll Hitler signed a nonaggression pact. Stalin the annexed many countries, including Poland, Romania, Estonia, Latvia, Finland and Lithuania.

Stalin was warned by America, Britain, and the KGB about a possible break of the Insensitive pact, but chose to ignore the advice. In 1 941, the Nazis invaded the USSR and approached the capital, Moscow. Stalin ordered any supplies that could be beneficial to the e enemy to be destroyed. In 1 942, the Soviet Army defeated the Germans at the Battle Of SST Leningrad and drove them out of Russia. After this, Stalin took part in conferences with the A Lies. Although Stalin was a loyal ally in WI, he did not abandon the idea of a Com monist empire.

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