Industrial Revolution DBQ Assignment

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England is filled with an abundant amount of wool, iron, and coal which contributed to England economics’ accomplishments. For example, iron allowed England IS machines to make coal, which fueled the machines. Also, wool the macho man of the economy, due to the amount of textiles produced uplifted England’s economy a boat load (Doc. 1&4). From a humanitarian point of view, and as a matter of public health, the cotton gin released millions of slaves from the drudgery of separating cotton balls from seeds.

This interaction help made the cotton underwear, bedding, and bandages cheap for the first time in human history. Apart from a better existence for African slaves in America, the availability of cheaper cotton probably saved tens of thousands of lives across Europe and the New World from childbed fever, typhus and infected wounds. Second, the contribution of the spinning jenny. It enabled cotton spinning to sift to from a small-scale cottage industry to an industrialized environment.

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Dependent on women work who had busy and grim lives, even before its invention. Afterwards, spinning became a major industry that could keep pace with the cotton production and an occupation later became for men. In that sense, a women’s present part-time occupation became the basis for a major industry. Third, I will discuss the power loom which caused the whole productive process to be integrated causing mass production of raw cotton and cotton thread (Doc. 5&6). Many factories were built during the Industrial Revolution.

Bigger machinery which meant more space needed to cater for the new machines; caused workers on the assembly lines to have low paying jobs. Factories which were being built at an astounding rate provided much needed jobs (Doc. 2). However, since the people of England were switching from making their own products and selling it themselves to working in factories, they are now getting worked by the hour which means that more people especially woman are going to work long hours in order to get paid more (Doc. 3).

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