Industrial Revolution and Late Assignment

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United States, industrialism became huge giving many people opportunities in life. This produced the growth of cities, growth of immigrants, leading to the growth of industrialism. During the early 20th century, the U. S. Rose and became industrialized from hand made goods to factory made products. Steel was produced and was available to make railroads. This is because Andrew Carnage, and Irish immigrant, re-made the Bessemer process.

Bessemer was from Germany so Carnage decided to go to Germany to earn the rights of the Bessemer process. In the end this helped the United States a lot. Because steel was available Vanderbilt was able to start building railroads which soon crossed the entire U. S. From the East to the West. Trade soon became more efficient than ship trade. This was a great advance in the late 1 sass. Soon after the railroads were built, the people were able to move from farmland to urban cities.

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This is because the immigrants that came through, spread out, and started to build tenements and skyscrapers on the empty land. This soon created cities. With trade through railroads, many rich people were able to use the land to build more factories. This not only helped them but also people with jobs. With news of new jobs, immigrants that came from Europe spread to urban cities in search for such hope. Because their kind spread out, this allowed business men to start tenements and skyscrapers.

This gave hope to the immigrants who were architects and engineers. This created cheaper labor in the new factories for the immigrants. With the new buildings and factories, this lead to the true growth of industrialism. Industrialism grew and created opportunities for people. The new transportation change in landscape, more immigrants and the growth of industrialism is what makes our country what it is today.

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