Horace Mann Assignment

Horace Mann Assignment Words: 225

During Man’s tenure he increased the funding available to schools, improved the preparation and support of teachers, and advocated for compassionate discipline. Mann believed children in public schools should be taught the ethical principles common across Christianity, but not those doctrines about which different sects disagreed. Today Mann is still criticized by both sides. Religious conservatives often blame him for taking the steps that lead to the complete colonization of public school yester.

Liberals sometimes criticize his lack of interest in making public education more comfortable for non-Christians. Man’s compromise was possibly the only one that could have both sides satisfied. During one of Man’s speeches he claimed that “slavery would abolish education, if it should invade a free state; education would abolish slavery, if it could invade a free state. ” In 1848 Horace Mann declared that in America, common, public schools would be “the balance wheel Of the social machinery.

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This is what has kept public schools attractive to most of the public in most parts of the country for the past century and a half. Americans have consistently believed that common public schools are necessary to teach common values, common knowledge of the political systems, respect for institutions, respect for property, and other values that are needed to keep a democratic system from flying apart.