Han Dynasty Women Assignment

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Finally , they gained control over their own lives by maintaining propriety and the rules Of society. In order to better understand the role of women during the Han Dynasty, it is first important to understand the context of the society in which they lived. The Ha n Dynasty was a time of great growth and development for Chinese history. Much of society w as dictated by Confucian ideals, including the way the people related to each other. Confucius g’s five relationships dictated the way that people related to each other, including the ay that women were expected to interact with people in their life.

Confucianism also influence De the ideals the society tried to achieve, such as filial piety and virtue. Ritual and tradition was important to the higher society. This time period is characterized by it’s Confucius nature, and t his helps to explain the position of women in regards to the rest of society. First, women were expected to be respectful and submissive to their husband s, but this respect was returned in the respect each person was expected to have toward their mother. The five relationships of Confucius dictated that a woman submit to their husband .

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This meant that in all things, the wife should put her husband first. It was not acceptable to be a anything but loyal to his decisions and his condition. For example, Lie Hissing, a Han century biogas peer, wrote a short biography Of the Widowed Wife Of Wee.

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