Greek Mythology and Poseidon Weapon Choice Assignment

Greek Mythology and Poseidon Weapon Choice Assignment Words: 354

Rhea are the parents of Poseidon in Greek mythology, Poseidon is one of their 3 sons: the others being Hades (Underworld) and Zeus. There were also 3 sisters, Hesitate, Hear, and Demeter. Poseidon is usually shown with his Witt Amphitheatre, but he mated with many creatures. Such as water spirits which is why Cyclops are some of his children. Poseidon mated with Medusa when she was still a beauty. Out of their union was born the winged horse Pegasus, Cyclops are Poseidon son because he mated with water spirits.

The water spirit he mated with were Energies. Poseidon and Energies are pretty much the complete opposite. That created a mutated human that was complete opposite of a normal human or creature in Greek mythology with one eye and very tall. The symbol for which Poseidon is best known is the trident. Poseidon is often shown alongside his wife Amphitheatre in a sea chariot drawn by sea creatures. As a gift to Amphitheatre, Poseidon created the horse and the horse is now Poseidon sacred symbol.

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Poseidon weapon choice is kind of like a spear with here points. Whenever Poseidon was angry or mad, he would always strike the ground with his trident which would cause shipwrecks, drowning. Tsunamis, and earthquakes Poseidon enemies were his father, Crocus, his brother Zeus because Zeus was the king of all gods and not Poseidon, and Athena because Zeus promised Poseidon the city of Athens. But when Athena was born he told Athena she could be the patron of Athens, So they had a contest. They would each give the people of Athens a gift.

Who’s ever gift they liked better would et the city of Athens, Poseidon gave the people of Athens a salt water spring. Athena gave them an olive tree. The people liked the olives better so Athena won the contest and got the city of Athens, Poseidon weakness was anger. Because he had a very short temper and he would get mad at the littlest things. Leading him to cause earthquakes and a lot of destruction.

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