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“A man who is not willing to die for something, Is not fit to live” -?? Martin Luther King Jar. The person that I admire is a man that we all cherish and celebrate every year in his honor. He was an American Clergyman, Nobel Peace Prize winner, and quite possibly is the most influential leader in all of American history. That man is the great, Dry. Martin Luther King Jar. Growing up, Dry. King knew his ancestors’ history and how Africans got to America.

He knew that African slaves where captured and brought to America by sows and rows of Africans stuffed into slave ships like sardines, Then sold into slavery and sold to the Whitman. Although this happened centuries before Dry. King’s time oppression still lived strongly in America. The thing that was truly inspiring was the even though young Dry. King knew this, he found a way to look past those times of extreme racism and slavery, to see a brighter future. A future much like today, free of racial segregation and equality for all races.

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Martin Luther King Jar. Was born Atlanta, GA on Jan. 15, 1929. Atlanta was one of the cities that suffered the most racism out of the whole south. From major segregation, to the Auk’s infamous cross burnings and lynching’s, Atlanta had it all. The reason for this is because one of the Auk’s main headquarters in Atlanta. Even though Dry. King was surrounded by racism, that never stopped him from pushing forward and dreaming of a better tomorrow. That to me is very admirable alone. Martin Luther King Jar. ‘s father was a great influence in his life.

Dry. King’s father, Martin Luther King Sir. , was also a civil rights activist and worked with a group of anti-racial leaders in there community. Dry. King used to talk about how influential his ether was on his life and political upbringing, and how he used to admire his father greatly for what he did for trying to make their community and lives safer. Around the age of 17 Dry. King decided that he wanted to contribute his life into doing the same thing his father had done before him, Fight the battle of racism… Sing only methods of peace. That shows me that you can solve some enormous problems using only your mind and peace, instead of weapons and war. In the year of 1995, he was asked to lead a bus boycott in Montgomery, Alabama after a black woman by the name of Rosa Parks, was arrested on account of not giving p her bus seat to a white man and move to the back. The boycott lasted 381 days while Dry. King was leading march after march for liberty and equality. The white community did not let Dry.

King do this easily though. Dry. King was terrorized, threatened and put down, in on occasion his house was bombed! But that did not stop King from moving forward and pushing to a brighter future for all. He risked his live and Jeopardized the well being of his family to push for equality for all. He was willing to die, in pursuit of equality for all… Which he did. In 1963 Martin Luther King Jar. As shot in the chest on the balcony of a motel while on his I Have a Dream speech tour.

Even when he was killed he was still working on spreading the word of equality and an anti-racial society for all walks of earth. Not Just African-Americans. Nothing could stop Dry. King from pursuing his dream, the American dream, across the country while informing the minds and touching the hearts of the people who heard him speak. That is something that I admire greatly and believe in. That is why I think the most influential figure in my life is Dry. Martin Luther King Jar.

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