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Designers had to think of new ways to create objects with the use f modern industrial materials in a cheaper and more efficient manner. SQ. Explain what series and mass production means. What other factors over time have contributed to the high turnover and International sales of manufactured Mass production refers to the process of creating large numbers of similar products efficiently. The process was often carefully determined, to try producing the greatest quantity of items using the fewest amounts of recourses. Series is a ‘collection’ or the model of a particular object. SQ. Sing your own words, explain the meaning of the term “form follows function” and its significance. The supporters of Modernist design and functionalism assumed two things about form follows function. What were they? What do you understand by the meaning of each of these? Explain in your own words. Form follows function is a principle associated with modern architecture and industrial design in the 20th century. The principle is that the shape of a building or object should be based on its intended function or purpose. This means that designs were to be kept simple. Clean, and geometric In form.

This was done In order to create durable, good quality and inexpensive products, focusing more on a particular rodents function. SQ. The work of the designer has 5 major focal points – list these and explain what each one means for the designers/marketers/promoters and their practices. If you are studying design, explain these points in relation to your design discipline. If you don’t fully understand the points or their relationships to the design profession/your discipline write about what you don’t understand. 1 OFF appeal to the senses, as opposed to the content, structures, and utility of the system itself.

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Function: This is related to how a design works/ is used. Marketing orientation: How a design is promoted, and how the designer effectively portrays the idea/ideal of certain product. Scientific: This refers to the planning of how a product will be designed. Designers will also use skills to solve problems and more effective of efficient products. Organization/administrative: Concerned with how well a product is being organized The 5 major focal points for a designer are the intermediate, the historical, the personal, the social and the aesthetic. By applying/working around these 5 rules, it provided a basis or an understanding.

It allowed designers to create a market identity, an understanding of how meaning was attached to a particular product. It also encouraged designers to not only view an object as a product but, to view it as an idea, ideal, a representation of what could be achieved, a proposition. Practical technical function- Related to economic factors. How an item was used in different environments. Aesthetic function- The aesthetics of a product focused mainly on marketing. Symbolic function- Through methods of psychology and semantics, one is able to “speak a distinct and… ,universally understood language” b) Milton Glasses – “We are all African” 2008

Symbolic function: Symbolic function throughout Milton Gleaner’s poster “We are all African”. The poster uses an emotive appeal and evokes empathy to the audience through the use of color. The image portrays a hand with five different skin tones. Perhaps encourages the fact that everyone is equal. Guy Pie – Red Shoes: Homage to Wizard of Oz shoes, 2011 Aesthetics function: An extravagant, modern take on Dorothy shoes from “The wizard of Oz” The delicate and intricate detail surrounding the shoe seems to create a sense of perfection. The shows don’t seem to be practical but have a unique and risky design.

It also seems to allude/ portray women as not only luxurious and feminine, but also intensive and powerful. Practical, technical function: The transparent plastic, which exposes the mechanics of the record player, is unobstructed and makes the product understandable. The design is kept simple and honest, a minimalist approach. Through the use of little design, perhaps alludes to how easy and useful the product is. Milton Glasses: Taking inspiration from the history of art and graphic design, Glasses created a new style of graphic communication that combines visual and intellectual concepts.

Guy Pie : Statesman fashion is seen as modern interpretation of fantastical ideas based on history. Her work seems to represents a blend from famous Arabian tales, classical Chinese fairy tales and classics from the Western society. Pep’s striking geometric vision, and blend of classic fantasy are avian-garden Dieter Rams: Less is more. Rams main focus was not on outstanding design but better design. He kept the mentality “less is more” when it came to designing everyday objects stating that “design should not dominate things”.

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