Dante’s Short Story Assignment

Dante’s Short Story Assignment Words: 849

It was summer time in the Dominican Republic When Dante realized that he had to get away. He had to go to America. Dante lives in a small town In the Dominican called Brannon. Brannon has lived In poverty for as long as anyone can remember. The streets are Infested with drug dealers, and gang life is entrenched In the society. The name of Dent’s gang Is called La Familial Cartel. (cartel is the Dominican name for gang) Dante lives In a crammed house with 6 of his brothers from his gang. They also have over 15 native Dominical animals In their 1000 square foot home, all of which are endangered species.

Hey man” said Monty. Monty has been Dent’s best friend since they were five and although He Is Just two years older than Dante, he respects and looks up to Monty like the father he never had. “We goat get auto here, continued Monty, “We can’t keep living like this. Guys are being Killed like flies here, and we could be next! ” Dante paused for a second. HIS eyes were beginning too well up, something that hasn’t happened for a long time. “but we can’t just leave everyone, and what about the animals” Dante was now speaking with more urgency.

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We can take some of the animals, but we can’t take everyone. This is our only choice BRB” Dante could see the intensity in Months eyes, and it made him especially uneasy. “Let me get back to you in the morning. ” “Alright, but you better have an answer for me or I’m gone. ” It was now past two in the morning when Dante cautiously crawled into his miniscule excuse for a bed, but he couldn’t get a second of sleep. The sun was rising faster than it had set, and after five restless hours, Dante had finally made one of the most formidable decisions he had ever made.

They were leaving the Dominican Republic. When he went to tell Monty his decision, he was already beginning to pack the few belongings he had, including his necklace with the sign of his brothers. Dante was overwhelmed at the fact that they were taking off so soon. “Hold on,” exclaimed Dante, “where are we even gold” “America. I figured we’d use my life’s saving to buy a flight. The only thing Is getting to the nearest airport, which Is 50 miles from Brannon. I Guess we goanna walk. ” “What could we possibly do to earn money In the U. S.?

You Just can’t survive there thou money! ” Monty Just sat there and thought. He pondered this query for a good ten minutes. “Well” Dante was becoming Impatient. “l got It! Well sell our animals! Do you know how much dough we could get for rare ones like that? Probably millions! ” With that, Dante and Monty were gone. They Just needed to find a way to sneak out. Most of the gang members were asleep, but they were both well aware that If anyone from another cartel caught them, they would be shot on the spot. They sec e teen would go tenure ten sewer. It was tenet only console.

I nee quickly mugged 3 cages of animals, four to a cage, and crawled down and took off with nothing but an aspiration and a dream. Dante and Monty had been traveling for weeks. They were food depleted and were beginning to doubt whether they were headed in the right direction when they heard an airplane flying overhead. They used their last drop of energy to run after the plane to the Dominican National Airport. They then purchased there tickets, and boarded the plane, separating from the animals. The tourists arrived in Los Angles, California at around 4:pm.

They had never en away from Brannon before. This was like space to them. Dante looked around with disbelief at these marvelous buildings that were taller than anything he had ever seen before. There were motorized vehicles everywhere zooming past on the streets, and people wherever he turned. “Man this is insane. This is nothing like I expected of America,” said Dante. He turned to Monty, who seemed unfazed by their surroundings. “Chill out sees’. We Just goat figure out where we’re sleeping tonight. ” “you Dante. Dante where you at? ” Monty screamed louder now. “Dante!! He was ginning to get nervous when he found Dante around a corner, talking to a street vender that Just so happened to speak Spanish. Monty began to listen intently now. “you know those animals you got in those cages are illegal in America? ” said the street vender. “no way man, hood I get them through security? ” asked Dante. “Their loose and most people don’t know about it. ” “But we got nowhere to stay here! ” “Don’t worry’ said the vendor. “l got a house with a huge backyard. You, your friend, and the animals can stay with me. Here’s the address. Meet me there tonight at 10:pm. ” “Thanks I appreciate it. “

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