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First, I will discuss the Biblical witness, then utilitarian argument, and last retribution and justice. First, Marx writes, “When confronted with an ethical question, Christians consider the biblical witness as a guide to making a decision. The Bible has always been referenced as the book of life and whenever I had a situation arise that called for me to make a life effecting decision was referred to a specific section that would guide me in the right direction.

When it comes to capital punishment feel the Bible does not need to be referenced for one to be righteous and do what is right. According to Marx, “… The Bible does have a great deal to say about capital punishment. ” In the modern era, society is faced with many different religions and beliefs, which has created new views and interpretation but still Marx points out, “Both advocates and opponents of the death penalty find support for their beliefs in the Bible. ” Although, in the New and Old Testament God does impose the death penalty.

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I do not support the death penalty when imposed by man because man is not God, therefore; find it unethical and immoral for any man to do the work of God. Second, Marx discuses the utilitarian argument and breaks it down to four points which I will discuss the first two. Marx states, “The first is capital punishment insures that the criminal will never repeat the crime. ” Capital punishment goes insure an individual will not repeat the crime again but the problem with this argument is what evidence can be provided to prove the individual will even commit the same crime again.

I do not consider this argument strong enough to impose a death sentence simply because there are too many other alternatives other than death that can prevent the crime from being repeated. For example, Rape is a crime on the Torah list that merited the death penalty but an alternative to death would be a full castration. Castration will ensure that particular individual will never commit the crime of ape again. Mar’s second utilitarian argument is “… UAPITA punishment discourages others from never committing crime because of the fear of death There are several problems I see in this argument although in general it does make sense but for example, if an individual is put to death for cursing a parent in a city in north, which is on the Torah list of crimes that merited the death penalty and an individual in the south, is not informed of the capital punishment executed there is a major lack of discouragement and no way is the fear of death implemented into others.

Finally, Marx discusses Retribution and justice, “The idea of “getting even” must reside in the most primitive area of our brains. ” My personal view of retribution in Mar’s argument does not appease the action of capital punishment. The main reason is disagree with this stance is because retribution in this case seems to be more of a revenge state rather justice. As described in Mar’s critique, “A Palestinian suicide bomber kills and wounds a number of Israelis, and the army moves in and kills some Palestinians, The, in retribution, more suicide embers attack and the cycles of violence continue. A never-ending cycle of revenge ensues with no end in sight. The seeking of justice for the victim and victim’s family becomes so complex that the implementation of the death penalty becomes more unjust. In conclusion, I examined Karl Mar’s “Critique on Capitalism” from his explanations from the Biblical witness views of Christians, the utilitarian arguments and the pursuit of retribution and justice to support my views on way I do not support and am not in favor of capital punishment in no way shape or form.

I feel human life is precious and God not man should be judge, jury and executioner for crimes committed against other humans. I conclude with a quote from Mar’s critique, “It is rarely discussed, but there may be a societal gain in happiness from the execution event itself. ” This is a convincing and desolate conviction of a portion of society that gains pleasure in the demise of another human but for me I am not apart of that figure. I consider life confined to a small box is much more justifying and humane than capital punishment for a criminal that commits wicked misdeeds.

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